Retrevo's Special Report

How My Laptop Died and The Grieving Process

By: Caroline Wilbert Article courtesy of DivineCaroline

"The laptop isn't working." I could hear my husband’s voice through a deep fog.

Though it was only 10 p.m., I was asleep, worn out from work and holiday shopping. I mumbled something and rolled over. I obviously didn't grasp the seriousness of the situation. Otherwise, I would have started screaming and crying. That came later. While I snoozed, he got out the owner's manual and tried to fix the glitch. The next morning he told me nothing worked. I work from home and had projects due. I already was behind. "How long do you think it will take to get if fixed?" I asked. He shrugged. He suggested I be at the Apple Store when it opened.  read more »


Back to School Gadget Guide 2008 Part II

Five Gadgets No Student Should Ever Need at School
By Andrew Eisner

With the cost of a higher education growing every year, you wouldn't want to see a minute of school time wasted on frivolous activities. There will be plenty of time for TV watching and game playing during school breaks. In that spirit, unrealistic as it may be, we suggest some gadgets that might be counter productive at academia.  read more »


Back to School Gadget Guide 2008

Five Gadgets Every Student Needs to Avoid a Computing Disaster

It's only the beginning of August but already time to start shopping for the high tech necessities every student is going to need to succeed at school. Whether you're buying someone's first laptop computer, upgrading the old one, or looking for advice on essential gadgets for today's student, Retrevo has some suggestions for what to buy along with some tips on good deals.  read more »


Best Free iPhone Apps

Applications like these make you want to run out and wait in line for an iPhone, if you haven't already done so.  read more »


Will These Phones Make Digital Cameras Obsolete?

Brand New Crop of Camera Phones?
By Andrew Eisner
The cell phone market continues to add new types of phones. There are sliders like T-Mobile's Sidekick that offer big keyboards that slide out from under big displays. There are Smartphones with QWERTY keyboards and high resolution displays, and now a new generation of phones is offering many of the features found on smartphones along with cameras with lots of mega pixels, video recording, and editing tools.  read more »