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Top Ten Gadgets for Women

By: Bob Keefe (View Profile) Article courtesy of DivineCaroline

I trolled the trade show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show, searching for the coolest, wackiest, most fun gadgets for the DivineCaroline community. This is not a small search, considering more than 2,700 exhibitors participated in the event, which took up some two million square feet of convention and hotel space in Las Vegas. Here’s what I found:  read more »


Early Adopter Newborns: Ten New Gadgets for Baby

By: Bob Keefe (View Profile) Article courtesy of DivineCaroline

Oh how far we’ve come from those scratchy walkie-talkie baby monitors and TV-sized humidifiers. Just like everything else, today’s baby gear is going high-tech. Here’s a look at some innovative products that recently hit the market for parents and babies:  read more »


Andy’s Special 50/50 Screen Cleaner

You can save money on expensive screen cleaning solutions by mixing up a small batch of this.  read more »


6 HDTV Mistakes to Avoid

Buying and owning an HDTV can be challenging. There are many things to consider and problems to avoid. Retrevo can help steer you in the right direction. Here's a list of some common mistakes for buyers and owners of HDTV sets.  read more »


The Very Best Way to Save Gas This Summer

Stay Home and Watch HDTV

By Andrew Eisner

Last month we reported on several ways to save gas this summer including buying a GPS with traffic info and gas prices. Since that report was published the price of gas has risen over a dollar a gallon along with the price of everything else. After much internal discussion we can only re-emphasize the conclusion that the best way to save gas is to not drive. Seriously, this may very well be the summer of the stay-at-home vacation and while you're staying home, why not watch HDTV? Look at it this way; a week-long road trip vacation is going to set you back at least $2,000. For that kind of money you can get a nice big LCD or Plasma TV that you'll be able to enjoy all year 'round.  read more »