Retrevo's Special Report

Honeymooners Gadget Guide

By Andrew Eisner

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. We’re talking about good old wholesome gadgets that newlyweds can use to make their honeymoons more memorable and fun.  read more »


Last Minute Father’s Day Gadget Gifts

Okay, so what else is new, you’ve waited until the last minute and are starting to feel guilt pangs from not getting the old man anything for Father’s Day. Not to worry, Retrevo has some recommendations for gadget gifts that will make any Dad happy.  read more »


Gifts for Gadget Savvy Newlyweds

The wedding month is upon us and whether or not you’re going to take a chance and fly there, max your credit card out on gas to drive there, or just stay home, you’re going to need to buy a wedding gift. Retrevo has some recommendations for great gadget gifts in all price ranges that will make any newlywed’s life more fun and fulfilling.  read more »


Graduation Gadget Gifts for under $50

Okay, the kid finally made it through school. It took a lot of effort, not to mention money, to get him or her through the ordeal. Unfortunately it may have taken more money than you planned and now there isn’t much left for a gift. Here are some recommendations for today's generation of gadget savvy grads that will save you enough money to pay for the gas to get to the ceremony.  read more »


7 Ways To Avoid Getting Pulled Over While Driving

Retrevo's Guide to Hands-free Driving.
By Andrew Eisner

On July 1st, 2008, California will join many other states that restrict cell phone use while driving. California's new law says that if you’re over 18, you can only talk and drive "hands-free." If you’re under 18, you can’t talk on a cell phone at all while driving. If you’re caught, the first offense will cost you $20 but won't add points to your license. The law is intended to save lives and make the roads safer however, you have to wonder how many additional accidents will result from adults and teenagers resorting to texting since texting is still legal while driving.  read more »