The Aiwa AD-R550 tape deck is not selling at Retrevo any longer. Customers who are shopping for a tape deck today are looking at the following popular models.
Harman Kardon TD192
This information is provided by the carrier and excludes weekends and holidays...Purchase this item
Harman Kardon TD420
The seller is very much disappointed, as he was seriously expecting $300 plus for this tape deck...I
Yamaha KX-380
I just bought a Yamaha YHT-380 HTIB and I could use some advice about set up and a better quality
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Aiwa Ad R550 Quick Auto Reverse Cassette Deck Dolby B C Hxpro ...
Very cute! Used, in good condition AIWA AD-R550 quick auto reverse cassette tape deck. Fully serviced, f ully tested. Cleaned, sanitized. New belt, new idler installed...
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