The Ecom i.roc 611-Ex PDA is not selling at Retrevo any longer. Customers who are shopping for a PDA today are looking at the following popular models.
Sony Dash
45 user reviews for the Sony Dash
HP rx5915 - Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium Edition • 240 x 320 Display Resolution • 3.5" PDA Display Size • Voice Recording Capability
18 user reviews for the HP rx5915; price from $0.00
Kobo Kobo
22 user reviews for the Kobo Kobo
HP 690e - Microsoft Windows CE Handheld PC Professional Edition • 640 x 240 Display Resolution • 6.5" PDA Display Size • Run Time (Up To) 8 hours
nullprice from $25.00
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Ads related to Ecom 611-Ex