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With 251 3Com Switches in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best 3Com Switch. We analyze price, features, and 3Com switch reviews - to pick the top switches from 3Com. We'll help you find great deals on a 3Com switch. Other top brands of switches are: Cisco, HP, Netgear, Nortel, Juniper.
Reviews for this 3Com switch: "CNET; Reviews; Networking and Wi-Fi; 3Com Baseline Plus Switch 2928 HPWR - switch - 24 ports - managed - desktop"
Reviews for this 3Com switch: "I am using “3COM Switch 4800G PWR 48-Port” and I want to get its IP to manage it via web. My switch is connected on network and getting IP from DHCP windows ..."
Reviews for this 3Com switch (2 user reviews): "The item will work out of the box and work as described...If you have a network that needs no more than a 100mb per port and a single switch this is your answer...not gigabit very easy to setup, just plug and play, works well, no issues, 3com is a great and reliable brand..."
Reviews for this 3Com switch (4 user reviews): "This switch serves about 20 computers in a small office...not manageable Good price, good quality, and excellent service from NewEgg...Great price and a good company..."
Reviews for this 3Com switch (2 user reviews): "I have used this product and its predecessors for years and have never been dissponited...Used in a small office, 9 network drops, with medium usage...Ours is in a closet so it's not big deal but it may become bothersome out on a desk..."
Reviews for this 3Com switch (5 user reviews): "Have had zero problems with my gigabit network...none If you can't afford Cisco, get a 3Com ;-) Gigabit networking for a small price, 24-ports, manageable, great web interface, good security if you know what you're doing (MAC filtering, port lockdown), port routing, speed switching...I'm not sure how long this same model has been around, but I think it says something good that it still is! GREAT SWITCH NO PROBLEMS GOOD PERFORMANCE NONE 3COM MAKES GREAT SWITCHS..."
Reviews for this 3Com switch (1 user review.): "Had to replace 2 of the fans after 3 years...Never given me an issue except for the 2 bad fans, but they were easy to replace...The web interface reports the uptime, it got up to 390 days at one point; power outage reset it..."
Reviews for this 3Com switch (8 user reviews): "I can't get VLANs to work properly...Good specs, slightly above average for a L2 managed router...I'll try a different brand next time..."
Reviews for this 3Com switch (1 user review.): "We bought this switch from Newegg to expand our office network into a new building (by stringing 40 meters of Cat6 between the two locations - in conduit, of course), interfacing with our existing 3Com switches in the main office...The 2948, on the other hand, is a much more attractive "industrial" colored black & gray...So not only is the web management software more attractive, the switch itself looks much nicer, too..."
Reviews for this 3Com switch (1 user review.): "I have tried an HP ProCurve, a Netgear, and two 3Coms...While not the most intuitive UI, it provides critical features I didn't find on switches from other vendors (such as putting the switch management interface on any VLAN...A Netgear I deployed dropped off the network and without a way to get a console, I can no longer manage the ports without taking downtime to reset the switch to factory defaults..."
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