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A-Data Storage Reviews

With 6 A-Data Storage in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best A-Data Storage. We analyze price, features, and A-Data storage reviews - to pick the top storage from A-Data. We'll help you find great deals on a A-Data storage. Other top brands of storage are: LaCie, Fantom Drives, Buffalo, Apricorn, Seagate.
Reviews for this A-Data storage: "ADATA introduced the DashDrive HV610 external hard drive. This drive utilizes a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface for fast file transfer speeds and is available ..."
Reviews for this A-Data storage (2 user reviews): "One of the few USB 3.0 drives that works with PS3 Got about 80MB/s out if it Small Good price 5400rpm No problems with it, but relatively lightly used Price was good, small, portable, quiet Started skipping, pausing, it also locked up and shut down my tablet..."
Reviews for this A-Data storage (3 user reviews): "booted right up - great usb 3.0 speeds - ran diagnostic, no dead sectors, or errors - nicely designed (to my surprise) none first time buying ADATA, it did not disappoint thus far, i will keep an update if i don't forget...I originally purchased a Western Digital Passport, thinking that it would do the trick, but I was not very happy with the bloatware that was installed in the firmware of the drive...I don't think this is a common problem - but thought I would mention it just in case..."
Reviews for this A-Data storage (48 user reviews): "I added this to my to my already configured system be a readyboost drive...now im just gonna sell that because the reviews are really bad for that ssd and i would rather go with a much bigger brand like ocz or corsair...I was a little worried that the specs listed would be all hype..."
Reviews for this A-Data storage (28 user reviews): "A+ cheap, works, and looks good...compact, and good design -Unreliable, failed within the first 3 months, and constantly has issues being recognized on computers, I have to format the disk constantly...Windows 7 isn't quite as bad, but it still has some similar issues..."