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A4tech Mouse Reviews

How do you choose from 137 A4tech Mice? What is the best place to find all A4tech mouse reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated A4tech mice, by analyzing price, features and A4tech mouse reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck A4tech mouse. Other top brands of mice are: Logitech, iHome, Verbatim, Gear Head, Microsoft.
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (6 user reviews): "Mouse works liek a dream it broke after 3 days hope i got a lemon sent in for a replacement This mouse worked great; it was quick, light, efficent...I hope I got a lemon because this is a good mouse...you should really get this mouse if you want something different and dont want to mess with batteries..."
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (3 user reviews): "The base it sits on has a wire...That makes it custom to your preferences...Its not COMPLETELY wireless You are still restricted to sitting close to the computer,because of the wire to mouse pad\computer.It's the same as using your wired mouse.If you want a mouse that is totally wireless,stick to the battery operated ones.At least untill a truly wireless,battery free one is made..."
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (1 user review.): "not worth mentioning rechargables constantly need replacing-wheel on keyboard doesn't work well-mouse would not be good for gamers Personally I like the shape bu hit the cap locks alot with my a finger...A keyboard you can have for a while-spend more, get another..."
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (1 user review.): "Just what I expected, I don't have anything to complain about as of now...Also great price compared to all the stores I checked before ordering..."
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (14 user reviews): "Great product these are pretty good deal for ur money...at newegg its around 45 dollars but on other places i only found 70 dollar ones to be the cheapest...i screwed up my own batteries they only last a day but now im using alkaline nonrechargable ones i bought which last pretty good..."
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (9 user reviews): "Auto power off on the mouse was a good idea for my needs...I was hoping to just switch over the USB reciver) The mouse turns off automaticaly which was good for my needs...As many have said the range is bad, much worse than I imagined..."
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (6 user reviews): "Feels tiny in your hand compared to a full size mouse and requires some getting used to...Nothing bad to say about this product...It might not be the best one out there but for a college student on a limited budget it definitly serves it's purpose and is worth every penny..."
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (1 user review.): "A little smaller than what I expected, only about W 2.5in and L 4.5 in Comes with a charger and 4 rechargable batteries, which only 2 are needed, and the other 2 can charge through your USB while you use it..."
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (1 user review.): "Put in the four chargeable battries, remember that you need the first two charged enough to run the mouse unit...If you are replacing a cordless mouse a good buy...For someone who has the latest and greatest in computers I was very slow to come to a courdless mouse looking back now that it took me two months to fix the problems, I would chose someone else with a brand name first..."
Reviews for this A4tech mouse (10 user reviews): "Not wireless...kick in a few bucks, you can get a cheap wireless optical mouse that'll do the job Works fine...Not bad for the price...though I'll be switching to a wireless, just because I'm tired of tugging at the cord sometimes...I have two of these brand mice now and they are great..."
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