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2301 Air Conditioners in the market - we help you choose the best. Retrevo's air conditioner reviews use algorithms that mine the collective reviews and prices of the entire web, so you can get the best air conditioner. Reviews for our top-rated air conditioners are below. You can also see reviews for Friedrich, Frigidaire, LG, Sunpentown, Haier and more.
Reviews for this LG air conditioner (2 user reviews): "This is not Air Conditioner , it is fan that cost $275...The fan it powerful, I have a long skinny room and you can feel it on the other side on high...I am very happy with my purchase, also the box and packaging were so well disigned I kept it so I can keep in in the box during cooler months..."
Reviews for this LG air conditioner: "Before you buy a LG LT123CNR, compare prices and merchants with Consumer Reports."
Reviews for this Frigidaire air conditioner: "Keep yourself and your surrounds at the perfect temperature with the Frigidaire FRA124HT1 portable air conditioner. The antibacterial filter in this F..."
Reviews for this Frigidaire air conditioner: "Quick Specs - Functions: Dehumidifying, Cooling - Form Factor: Window mounted - Exterior Color: White. Price Range: $486.00 - $555.95 from 4 stores."
Reviews for this Frigidaire air conditioner: "Frigidaire's FRA084KT7 8,000 BTU 115-Volt Casement/Slider Room Air Conditioner is the perfect solution for cooling rooms with casement windows and hor..."
Reviews for this Sunpentown air conditioner (14 user reviews): "Has a remote for us lazy people...The low power usage enables you to run it 24/7 without any worries, and maintenance has been fairly easy so far (I just keep refilling the water - no bad odors coming from it as of yet...Even on high not worth it as a fan..."
Reviews for this Sunpentown air conditioner (13 user reviews): "Non, may be portable They do nothating other than spend electricity, the room got warmer as the hour went by Do not purchase thia item because on top, newegg does not accept returns on it It all depends what you expect from this machine...Inexpensive to buy, cost next to nothing to run, quiet--good for sleeping...i havent found anything wrong with this, but if i had to say something bad......"
Reviews for this Frigidaire air conditioner (1 user review.): "The A/C is excellent at cooling and is much quieter then my old Fedders A/C which I needed to replace after 10 years...Originally wanted to buy the A/C due to 9.0 EER rating...If I knew it was 8.5 EER I might have passed as my utility company currently has a $25 rebate for EER 9+ A/Cs..."
Reviews for this LG air conditioner (1 user review.): "Would have been nice if they gave more information about purchasing optional sleeve for installation...through the wall" implies ready for installation IN WALL..."