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Aluratek Radio Reviews

We analyze price, features, and Aluratek radio reviews - to pick the top radios from Aluratek. We'll help you find great deals on a Aluratek radio. Other top brands of radios are: Midland, Eton, Tivoli, GPX, Yamaha.
Reviews for this Aluratek radio (4 user reviews): "Fantastic audio and great selection of station...Good radio, but be aware - do not use Favorites...I will post again if Aluratek can fix this..."
Reviews for this Aluratek radio (10 user reviews): "Football games of the University of Mt...Works best with USB 2.0, will work on 1.1, just not as good...Not sure yet, but trying to record the stream, similar to the way Ultra-player does; but then again, this product never advertised that you could it for such..."
Reviews for this Aluratek radio (63 user reviews): "Internet radio, a lot of great features, good sound Even on the lowest setting, the LCD backlight is far too bright for a bedroom at night...Sound quality is good for a smallish speaker...Good experience with Aluratek support after a firmware flash gave me some problems..."