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Apevia Keyboard Reviews

We analyze price, features, and Apevia keyboard reviews - to pick the top keyboards from Apevia. We'll help you find great deals on a Apevia keyboard. Other top brands of keyboards are: Cherry, Logitech, SMK-Link, Microsoft, i-Rocks.
Reviews for this Apevia keyboard (52 user reviews): "This isn't a half bad solution when it all works...Like my red set, the cons lie with the mouse...Comments for the red keyboard/mouse titled "Good keyboard, not so good mouse" apply here as well and should give a better idea of what to expect from a functional set..."
Reviews for this Apevia keyboard: "APEVIA KIS-COMBO-BK Black 104 Normal Keys 22 Function Keys PS/2 Wired Standard Keyboard Scroll Mouse and Dual Speaker Combo Set Item #: N82E16823126091 $29.99"
Reviews for this Apevia keyboard: "Apevia Multimedia Keyboard/Optical Mouse Combo KI-COMBO-GN (keyboard and mouse set)"