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With 28 BTC Keyboards in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best BTC Keyboard. We analyze price, features, and BTC keyboard reviews - to pick the top keyboards from BTC. We'll help you find great deals on a BTC keyboard. Other top brands of keyboards are: Cherry, Logitech, SMK-Link, Microsoft, i-Rocks.
Reviews for this BTC keyboard (5 user reviews): "It's mini sized - no space wasted with an unused numpad (Numlock will toggle keys to act as the numpad--similar to laptop...Illogically-placed page-up/page-down/home/end keys if you need to use them...But I was counting on it still being Beige like my old ones when I ordered..."
Reviews for this BTC keyboard (35 user reviews): "Attractive, small keyboard with great tactile feel and useful hotkeys...The key movement is generally good, but not up to the slickness of a laptop keyboard...none, this keyboard rocks! After buying 1, these are the only keyboards I buy or recommend anymore..."
Reviews for this BTC keyboard (2 user reviews): "www.btc.com.tw and you can download Vista drivers includeing Vista 64 support...I can type loads faster with this keyboard because of the feel...Notably, the Sleep key is right next to Play/Pause, so it's easy to accidentally go to sleep..."
Reviews for this BTC keyboard (74 user reviews): "It's a combined Mouse/Keyboard Solution IT is very difficult to position the mouse so you can click...i thought it may be a good idea at first but this has ruined what could have been a good idea for me...I'm thinking of getting a different one with either trackball or touchpad, since this joystick thing is NOT WORKING for me..."
Reviews for this BTC keyboard (3 user reviews): "everything! one of the worst buys I've made in a very long time...BTC recommended using compressed air.) :( range is nowhere near 10m, but that's no surprise...Wish I had read the reviews on the OEM version first..."