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BUSlink Keyboard Reviews

We analyze price, features, and BUSlink keyboard reviews - to pick the top keyboards from BUSlink. We'll help you find great deals on a BUSlink keyboard. Other top brands of keyboards are: Adesso, SIIG, Cherry, Logitech, Gear Head.
Reviews for this BUSlink keyboard: "Buslink KR-6401-BK Slim Keyboard I-Rocks KR-6401 Slim Keyboard perfectly complements your PC and Notebook. It has low-profile keys that provide a crisp, responsive feel."
Reviews for this BUSlink keyboard (1 user review.): "I've had this keyboard for a couple years now...Also, my spacebar eventually gave out after a couple years of heavy use...This trooper lasted me at least 2 years! I'm back to buy two more - one to use and one to stock away in case they stop making it..."