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We've analyzed prices, features, reviews and other product information for over 4 Best Budget Remote Controls to help you decide what to buy. Click on Retrevo's Real Time Reviews below for the product of interest to read a simple & detailed review of the product.
Reviews for this RCA universal remote: "This file area has been replaced! As of 2011 this section is no longer being updated. For free access to these downloads and many others, visit our new file area at ..."
Reviews for this RCA universal remote: "RCA Universal Remote Control-Programming Codes. Originally appeared on http://www.m-i-c.com. RCA Universal Remote Control Programming Codes."
Reviews for this GE universal remote: "Quick Specs - Remote control type: Universal remote control - Supported devices: Cable box, VCR, satellite receiver. Price Range: $7.85 - $16.99 from 3 stores."
Reviews for this RCA universal remote: "User Rating: 3.0/5 from 1 user; ... Pros. plenty of functionality, lots of buttons for all operations, inexpensive given what it can do."
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