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Buffalo Storage Reviews

How do you choose from 123 Buffalo Storage? What is the best place to find all Buffalo storage reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated Buffalo storage, by analyzing price, features and Buffalo storage reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck Buffalo storage. Other top brands of storage are: LaCie, Fantom Drives, Toshiba, Buffalo, Apricorn.
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (4 user reviews): "The excellent Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB is much more than just another networked attached storage (NAS) hard drive...The Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB's built-in media streaming allows you to play back music and video on any DLNA-certified device...Ideal for huge multimedia collections and large amounts of valuable data, the Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB offers high-end RAID performance and security...Home users will benefit from the five-user licence for the Memeo AutoBackup software provided as standard with the Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB..."
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (7 user reviews): "Buffalo offers the DriveStation DDR in two versions: The 2TB HD-GD2.0U3 ($159.99 list...however, of the two, we'd recommend going with the larger capacity...The DriveStation DDR gets its name from the fact that it has a 1GB cache of DDR memory inside to help boost performance..."
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (8 user reviews): "This works well, with both drives formatted in HFS+ Overall I'm very happy...Nice Case, good performance A little work to set up, but far better than trying to buy an external case and build yourself...good space for the money, sturdy construction, quiet..."
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (4 user reviews): "This is the drive thats inside this buffalo external harddrive (well the one i got) If you look at the price of the drive itself looks like this is a good bargain...USB 3.0 is super fast Very slim and small strong aluminum construction Transferred 200 GB of data to it from another usb 2.0 external drive and it took about 30 min not too bad considering...Not much shock/drop protection! Price point I think is a little high compared to other products After using this product I will defiantly recommend it to other people and I will be buying more buffalo products for my personal and business uses..."
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (4 user reviews): "Portable, Slim, Lighwieght Nice slim design easy to take with you anywhere you need it...I would recommend this drive to anyone looking for a durable, small external hard drive to travel with or for off site backup...I wish I could rate the product overall a 4.5 as the drive works marvelously, but the software is a bust..."
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (2 user reviews): "I was able to achieve over 300MB/s speeds when files fit inside the 1GB cache size...The test was repeated and there was no noticeable difference in write speeds...To anyone considering this drive for the advertized write speeds: don't expect any help from Buffalo support if your results fall short of their claims..."
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (21 user reviews): "shame on me for not buying a whole RAID array, i guess...2 out of 5 eggs - 1 egg, for only 1 year of manufacturer's warranty, that's according to the manufacturer's website -2 eggs...Either a lot of the Samsung's F1 1T drives come in bad batches or it's normal for them to die so soon which is completely ridiculous when you're suppose to be paying for something that marketed to deliver..."
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (8 user reviews): "Win 7 x64 seen full capacity when plugged in minus a few hundred megs...Nothing worse that giving a company a bad review because your lack of competence or effort to find the resolution...Please don't rate a product bad because of your ignorance..."
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (26 user reviews): "Reviews as of August '12 were all good, I felt I had made a good purchase...After that I felt good and was happy to finally get that over...And also, I gave the case a good once-over and I still haven't figured out how to take it apart without destroying it..."
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (19 user reviews): "If you want a drive that maintains good temperatures for reliability, you need a fan or a solid state...I would not recommend this drive to those who don't understand RAID or who want a pretty Microsoft-like user-interface for the driver and control app...Running a monthly CHKDSK always reveals more drive discrepencies and additional bad sectors..."
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