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With 23 Clickfree Storage in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Clickfree Storage. We analyze price, features, and Clickfree storage reviews - to pick the top storage from Clickfree. We'll help you find great deals on a Clickfree storage. Other top brands of storage are: LaCie, Fantom Drives, Toshiba, Buffalo, Apricorn.
Reviews for this Clickfree storage (1 user review.): "But once the process is started, it will likely need to run for a few hours, so we recommend leaving the drive to do its backup business overnight...As we said before, though, if you’re a power user with loads of digital files, you may have issues with the drive at this point..."
Reviews for this Clickfree storage (3 user reviews): "We who review this now might have gotten a bad batch or something...Wait a while, or just buy this from somewhere else...I understand that there's the occasional bad apple in every lot but this product's packaging is so cheap it makes me distrust the Clickfree products overall..."
Reviews for this Clickfree storage (1 user review.): "Autorun takes over your system and does not allow you to configure what gets backed up and what doesn't...Couldn't help install on a networked workstation without a USB port...Really wasted a bunch of my time dealing with it, now I'm uninstalling and am going to reformat the hard drive..."
Reviews for this Clickfree storage (6 user reviews): "nice looking This is not as advertised...If you remember the expression, "If it sounds to good to be true it isn't...This is case and point of that statement being true...so You've been warned!!! Sometimes the scheduled backup runs...However "perhaps" is not good enough for a backup device..."
Reviews for this Clickfree storage (2 user reviews): "Looked like it would image a system drive so that it could be restored if there was a drive failure...And it looks good on my desk! The only cons I can think of is it requires a power cord and maybe that I would have liked a bit better warning that there was going to be software installed on my computer...Ordered and delivered in less than 24 hours! Thanks for another excellent shopping experience, Newegg..."
Reviews for this Clickfree storage (2 user reviews): "I can not believe how easy! It was so easy and quick that I thought it could not have backed up all of my business files...You can go in and manually configure what directories you want to include as well...I haven't opened the case to see what brand of 2.5" HD it has but considering how rarely it's actually used (once every few weeks) I don't think that matters much, even if it were a Maxtor..."
Reviews for this Clickfree storage (1 user review.): "This little drive is exactly what the name says...CLICKFREE.Got this as a Christmas gift, for sure and won't be re-gifting it...Works on as many computers as it has room for...I have the 160gb, and it's fine for me..."
Reviews for this Clickfree storage: "The Clickfree Portable Backup Drive is available in several capacities ranging from 120GB up ... Clickfree Portable Backup Drive review (250GB) See all ..."
Reviews for this Clickfree storage: "The Clickfree C2N makes an excellent backup solution for home users, including those with multiple network computers."
Reviews for this Clickfree storage: "Small business and personal users with large amounts of data will appreciate the Clickfree's painless backup drive that practically automates all the work ..."