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How do you choose from 164 Cobra 2-way Radios? What is the best place to find all Cobra 2-way radio reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated Cobra 2-way radios, by analyzing price, features and Cobra 2-way radio reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck Cobra 2-way radio. Other top brands of 2-way radios are: Motorola, Midland, Cobra, ICOM, Uniden.
Reviews for this Cobra 2-way radio (2 user reviews): "seems like good filters in this...Had one bad battery on shipment, cobra took care of it...If any one knows oceanside i was able to get clear comms from camp pendelton to Melrose and the 78 thats 15 miles in town with a ton of RF interference the "crypto" these radios come with are Pretty good and will defintly allow semi secure comunications..."
Reviews for this Cobra 2-way radio: "Compare Cobra microTALK CXR725 Two Way Radio prices and find deals on 2 Way Radios"
Reviews for this Cobra 2-way radio: "CNET; Reviews; Two-way radios; Cobra Electronics two-way radios; Cobra microTALK CXR825 - two-way radio - FRS/GMRS"
Reviews for this Cobra 2-way radio: "Read cobra microtalk cxt275 reviews consumer reviews. Find product reviews for 2 Way Radios by real customers on Epinions.com"
Reviews for this Cobra 2-way radio (4 user reviews): "My dad has one since 1984 and it still works great...You missed an l in the word lower...Saved me a ticket on I-40 going to Laughlin this weekend..."
Reviews for this Cobra 2-way radio (3 user reviews): "This CB is very good for the price...I find that the range is pretty good...I wanted a modern-looking CB that wasn't too big to mount in my 2004 Impala, and I've always heard good things about Cobra, so I decided to purchase this one..."
Reviews for this Cobra 2-way radio (4 user reviews): "Dimmable Back Light Mic output control Weather channels SWR/Cal features Weather alert Squelch operation You can't keep the weather control on a weather station if the unit power goes off when the vehicle is turned off...COBRA RADIOS KICK THE COMPETIONS OUT OF THE WATER WHEN IT COMES TO C.B.'S Easy to use, very good visibility at night, excellent sound quality...but that can be easily fixed with a small upgrade..."
Reviews for this Cobra 2-way radio (1 user review.): "The interface is easy to use for beginners so a very big plus there as I need to use this radio with my mom and sister who aren't good at operating anything technical...There are some major flaws, unfortunately, that keep this radio from getting my full recommendation...While I recommend this product, I really think cobra can do better, or another company for that matter..."
Reviews for this Cobra 2-way radio (7 user reviews): "It's quite powerful for the size, buy it if you want it, you will not regret...If you already own headphones, and you require them to be compatible, well it won't work unless it's from Cobra and it's compatible Good range...Good sound quality; especially with an earphone/microphone plugged in..."
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