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D-link Switch Reviews

How do you choose from 188 D-link Switches? What is the best place to find all D-link switch reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated D-link switches, by analyzing price, features and D-link switch reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck D-link switch. Other top brands of switches are: Cisco, HP, Netgear, D-link, TRENDnet.
Reviews for this D-link switch (148 user reviews): "Rock solid reliable; I have two of these and don't have a dead port or bad connection yet...I'll knock off one egg because, as mentioned by many other reviews, the design of the indicator lights is bad...This switch is built very well, looks good, mounts easily and works right out of the box (as an unmanned switch should.) None..."
Reviews for this D-link switch (64 user reviews): "There was a rebate and good ratings thats why I purchased it...None yet, and hopefully none Most of them work TRYING TO GET THIS ITEM REPLACED! I had 1 go bad out of the 27 I ordered...Was never a huge fan of D-Link, but there was a good deal on this item when I needed it..."
Reviews for this D-link switch (39 user reviews): "Gets full 1000 Mbps throughput Doesn't draw much power at all if you are only using a few ports Rack mount ears are convenient, but can sit on a shelf etc...I'm looking at SMC product this time...If the equipment that is attached to a port is turned off, the port is turned off until it is powered on & active..."
Reviews for this D-link switch (26 user reviews): "Haven't heard good things about d-link rebates in the past either...Had no cons till our last lan party when it died...Depending on the next switch, and how Dlink goes about replacing this one, will determine my next comments about this switch, and if I recommend it to other people..."
Reviews for this D-link switch (6 user reviews): "Replaced four excellent but cluttersome 3-Com POE power inserters with this device during recent upgrades/replacements for my cable modem, router & switch...I've had good luck with the performance and longevity of other D-Link devices, so I further justified the higher price...It felt good to hold and I was equally satisified that it works fine and I have no issues..."
Reviews for this D-link switch: "D-Link EasySmart Switch DGS-1100-24 (switch - 24 ports - managed - desktop) Overview ; User Reviews; Specs; Accessories; Shop; Average User Rating Not available Write ..."
Reviews for this D-link switch (9 user reviews): "Newegg DLink I never had luck with DLink but was on sale and BAM it died but expected with DLink...After looking around I found this sucker for $20...As always, D-Link has come out with a great product at a fair price! None..."
Reviews for this D-link switch (2 user reviews): "It is plug n play and worked instantly...Did research and it fits what I needed...Easy to install and very user friendly..."
Reviews for this D-link switch (8 user reviews): "They are faster, quieter and I know that if they lose their receipt Cisco will be able to look at the date purchased and service the unit if it ever goes bad (which I haven't had happen) I use 5 of these to host 100+ man LAN parties...Web interface would be nice; however, it does a good job of managing itself, so this feature really isn't necessary...None, so far It is what it is, and that's a very inexpensive way to get good network perfromance at a low level of tech training..."
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