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How do you choose from 20 Delonghi Heaters? What is the best place to find all Delonghi heater reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated Delonghi heaters, by analyzing price, features and Delonghi heater reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck Delonghi heater. Other top brands of heaters are: Lasko, Cadet, Sunpentown, Broan-NuTone, Dimplex.
Reviews for this Delonghi heater (27 user reviews): "Even radiant heat Has high/low (1500W/750W) switch Thermostat has antifreeze setting Silent Wall mountable When it's first run from being brand new, it really stinks bad for about an hour...Be sure to first run it outside when it's brand new for a while to burn off the smell of paint from manufacture...If you're debating between an oil-filled radiator type and this one, I'd definitely recommend this one because it rolls easier and is more balanced with the wide footprint, and it hides better when you need to slide it between furniture..."
Reviews for this Delonghi heater: "Compare DeLonghi TCH7690ER Heater prices and find deals on Heaters"
Reviews for this Delonghi heater (2 user reviews): "Love the remote and being able to control the temp with it...It's rather load and the on-off cycling is kind of annoying but it puts out good heat and I usually only need it for about an hour a day so I can live with that...Great heat, rotation, temp control on/off temp control canbe a little aggravating Does the job..."
Reviews for this Delonghi heater (7 user reviews): "Overall the heater seems stable and safe...It would be a bit more reassuring if they included tip-over protection, but I really doubt that anything bad would happen if you did manage to tip it over...No cons very nice, here it is Dec !st and i still have not started the furnace yet none yet..."
Reviews for this Delonghi heater (16 user reviews): "At first I was empressed with the unit so I bought a second identical unit...The fan option in this heater is good and will get me through those time when the temperature heats up a bit and I need a fan only to circulate the air...It is sturdy, easy to understand, and overall I can control the unit from the remote..."
Reviews for this Delonghi heater (11 user reviews): "Unfortunately, I'm out the time and trouble shopping for replacement parts The price was good, assuming it had worked...Because of safety, if you bump into it, the heater will turn itself off which is a good thing, I suppose, yet can be annoying...Overall look is sleek and modern..."
Reviews for this Delonghi heater (4 user reviews): "This is just about as good of a space heater as you can get...It's a good heater and a good price...Saftey Features and can also be used in the summer as a fan (good for night shift people who like a little white noise..."
Reviews for this Delonghi heater (4 user reviews): "Very good buy quality/price! Powerful, silent, easy to move around from room to room, Is not in any store I will buy again! Prompt delivery These provide eggcellent ambient heat, and they last forever...I bought 3 of them at least five years ago...Newegg carries the type of heater I want! Not sure if it's the same model as the one Amzn carries, TRV0715T..."
Reviews for this Delonghi heater (1 user review.): "It's a good additional heater for a studio apartment...It puts out good heat and doesn't take long to "warm up." I usually turn it on once I get home from work and keep it on all night until I wake up in the morning...It puts out good heat, but it certainly is not sufficient to heat a 500 sq..."
Reviews for this Delonghi heater (1 user review.): "The Vento is one of the best of the models available...Heat is consistent and easily adjuistable with the thermostat.Quiet and clean heat and better quality than other brands of oil filled heaters Non..."