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Dymo Scanner Reviews

We analyze price, features, and Dymo scanner reviews - to pick the top scanners from Dymo. We'll help you find great deals on a Dymo scanner. Other top brands of scanners are: Kodak, Plustek, Honeywell, Epson, HP.
Reviews for this Dymo scanner (1 user review.): "None at this point since it won't install correctly I installed the software according to the instructions - software first, then connected the CardScan 62 to a port on the motherboard not a USB hub...It searched for the scanner and popped up an error stating that it couldn't find the scanner...I like how the silver cover flips open slowly..."
Reviews for this Dymo scanner (4 user reviews): "So if you like to use memory and have migrated to 64 bit OS you can not use the card scanner OK maybe for cards it working OK but anything except cards do not expect this scanner to work the way you want...Uploads to the PC and lets you review its contents...However it is really easy to do so it is not a big issue for me..."
Reviews for this Dymo scanner (2 user reviews): "The scanner is good but the software just won't work for more than two weeks...It scans the card quickly and is pretty good about reading what is on there and applying it to the right areas...Sad that support is pretty bad for this device as it does work well once you iron out the problems..."