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Dyson Vacuum Reviews

With 52 Dyson Vacuums in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Dyson Vacuum. We analyze price, features, and Dyson vacuum reviews - to pick the top vacuums from Dyson. We'll help you find great deals on a Dyson vacuum. Other top brands of vacuums are: Shop-Vac, Hoover, Eureka, Bissell, Oreck.
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum (1 user review.): "several phone calls between newegg and Buy Happier has fixed my order from 6/12...all is well in the world vacuum works great, no cons..."
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum (2 user reviews): "works and moves well expensive Great suction, I vacuumed with my current vacuum and then the dyson it picked up a lot more dirt...I think they should have included the articulating tool as part of the whole package...Everything else is the same between the two models except for the color..."
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum (2 user reviews): "Per reviews on other sites that I agree with...Handle doesn't 'lock' upright to wheel around the house...Way cleaver enginnering, but can't 'lock' the handle upright...Great suction - Cleans all surfaces - Great w/ pet hair - Came in like new status with manuals and attachments - Easy to assemble and clean - Even though its price pretty well as a refurb, it's still a lot of money..."
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum (7 user reviews): "Could use an on/off switch instead of just a trigger...The price is very high, but if you catch it on sale it's not bad...small short battery life -Light weight -Quick charge -Good suction -Regular or Max suction (button) -Washable filter -Good for hardwood, carpets and tile..."
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum: "For pet owners, the Animal is man's second-best friend. This sucker picked up an astonishing amount of fur from rugs that looked fairly clean at the outset"
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum (1 user review.): "Its a Dyson Without much of a warranty...6 months) I would rather spend the other $70 and have the full warranty...Not very happy it took me an hour to find out the truth about this purchase......"
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum (1 user review.): "This one caught my eye for my parents since I thought the ball vacuum would be a little harder for them to maneuver...I have many friends with Dysons and haven't heard a bad thing about any of them...I think my parents will be happy with theirs now as well..."
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum (5 user reviews): "Refurbished is a good option for Dyson products...was shipped quick does a Excellent job price was very good recommend everyone buys a dyson nothing to complain about Easy to maneuver Cleans wonderfully Lifetime HEPA filter Price This vacuum is amazing...I have severe dust mite allergies and asthma, and own 3 cats, so having a good vacuum is very necessary..."
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum (6 user reviews): "Also love how the filter is reusable, I can clean the filter let it dry and it's as good as new...Very light weight, Easy to control, and just an overall good vacuum cleaner...Great vacuum, would recommend it to every and anyone looking for a long lasting cleaner..."
Reviews for this Dyson vacuum (4 user reviews): "WOW sucks the hell outa the carpet...light weight really good vacuum easy to empty switching from floor vacuuming to the wand to get that cobweb in the corner is like a 12 step process It's a great vacuum cleaner and very compact...This does everything you want and its in a compact size, light easy to lift and store None, great warranty, great Dyson support, everything you could want..."