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With 8 Enermax Keyboards in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Enermax Keyboard. We analyze price, features, and Enermax keyboard reviews - to pick the top keyboards from Enermax. We'll help you find great deals on a Enermax keyboard. Other top brands of keyboards are: Cherry, Logitech, SMK-Link, Microsoft, i-Rocks.
Reviews for this Enermax keyboard (36 user reviews): "In my case, this wasn't a good deal for the price...Though it is very comfy on my lap and has fallen once and had no problems also noticed it does not scratch that easily a big + overall great keyboard if you can find it at an alright price specially with rebate...Neweggs shipping was timely as always THANK YOU NEWEGG YOU ROCK! Great keyboard, nice quility and good to look at..."
Reviews for this Enermax keyboard (13 user reviews): "If Enermax were to remove the useless media keys at the top, and redo the layout for a normal EN-US keyboard layout (no L shaped enter key, proper pipe placement, etc), I would rebuy and recommend the hell out of this keyboard...All in all a very nice keyboard, but I wouldn't want to pay 65.00 dollars for it, but with the rebate offered here its a good buy The build quality and key play on this board scream quality...I have stub fingers and type with force and with the good rubber feet and the heft of its construction, it goes no where..."
Reviews for this Enermax keyboard (39 user reviews): "Solid aluminium design that will leave your attackers unconscious since that's all it's really good for...beating would be assailants...Rather than returning it, I decided to transplant the face plate and most of keys on to my older Enermax Kb002U-S...Minus the redesigned keys that I listed above and with a little spray paint with the use of letter stencils, it's as good as new now...I really like this keyboard and definetly recommed it, and it works really good if you want a simple keyboard even for gaming..."
Reviews for this Enermax keyboard (66 user reviews): "Great looking design Aluminium construction Usb ports located on the back side and audio repeater ports...some keys started dying after 5 yearr which is not bad after all...I have been told that a program called 'sharkykeys' is quite good though i have never needed to remap a keyboard myself..."
Reviews for this Enermax keyboard (5 user reviews): "Another bad feature is, the backspace key is too small! As many months as I had this keyboard I could never get used to that small backspace key...Newegg was again good about all this...The home key bump on my F was malformed and doesn't have good feel..."
Reviews for this Enermax keyboard (2 user reviews): "Keyboard looks amazing and is wireless...I would recommend that board if you are looking for a great keyboard...great responsiveness at 6ft, which is the distance I needed..."
Reviews for this Enermax keyboard: "Quick Specs - Compatibility: PC - Dimensions (WxDxH): 18.1 in x 6.3 in x 3.6 in - Weight: 1.9 lbs - Device Type: Keyboard - Wired."
Reviews for this Enermax keyboard: "ENERMAX is proud to announce the launch of its latest keyboard “ACRYLUX ... KB009W-B Video US$85 MSRP Available January 2010 | Post Points: 20; Posts 8,125."