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Epson Scanner Reviews

With 79 Epson Scanners in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Epson Scanner. We analyze price, features, and Epson scanner reviews - to pick the top scanners from Epson. We'll help you find great deals on a Epson scanner. Other top brands of scanners are: Kodak, Plustek, Canon, Honeywell, Panasonic.
Reviews for this Epson scanner: "Read Epson Expression 11000XL - flatbed scanner user reviews, comments, and ratings and other Scanner user reviews on CNET Reviews"
Reviews for this Epson scanner: "A significant upgrade from your typical MFD’s scanner function, the V370 offers very good quality for a sub-£100 model. Read our Epson Perfection V370 Photo review ..."
Reviews for this Epson scanner: "Speed ratings for scanning from an ADF are based on timing the scan itself, from the instant the first or second page starts moving into the scanner to the instant the last page lands in the output bin...When I timed the DS-7500 complete with the overhead, it turned out to be only a little faster than the DS-6500...Between the two Epson scanners, whether the Epson WorkForce DS-7500 is worth the additional cost depends largely on how much you scan and what format you scan to..."
Reviews for this Epson scanner: "Quick Specs - Type: Document scanner - Optical Resolution: 600 dpi x 600 dpi. Price Range: $3,273.99 - $3,999.00 from 6 stores."
Reviews for this Epson scanner: "Quick Specs - Type: Flatbed scanner - Desktop - Optical Resolution: 4800 dpi x 9600 dpi. Price Range: $59.00 - $120.00 from 14 stores."
Reviews for this Epson scanner (1 user review.): "The DS-6500 is designed for slightly more heavy-duty scanning, however, with double the paper capacity for the ADF, at 100 sheets, and a faster rated speed...Both scanners can duplex, scanning both sides of a page at the same time, but the DS-6500's rating is five pages per minute (ppm) faster, at 25 ppm and 50 images per minute (ipm) for duplex (two-sided) scans...The DS-6500 is a bit larger than the Canon DR-2020U, at 8.5 by 19.4 by 14.1 (HWD) inches...The Document Capture Pro scan utility offers more than basic scanning, including tricks like letting you add pages to, or delete them from, a group of already scanned pages, or even change the order the pages are in...That said, if you need a document scanner with a flatbed, and are considering the Epson WorkForce DS-6500, you should take a look at the Canon DR-2020U also..."
Reviews for this Epson scanner: "The Epson WorkForce DS-60000 Document Scanner is a massive scanner built for fast, high-volume scanning of documents at up to tabloid width."
Reviews for this Epson scanner: "The 59-pound DS-60000 has a 25.2-by-18.5-inch footprint, so you'll want to set it up on a table or bench of its own...In the same line, the Epson WorkForce DS-70000 ($3,999 direct) is rated at a blazing 70 ppm for simplex and 140 ppm for duplex scanning, and has an even more prodigious daily duty cycle (8,000 pages...In simplex at 300 ppi, the recommended resolution for searchable PDF, it slowed a little more, to an average of 3:22..."
Reviews for this Epson scanner: "Unlike the Epson GT-S50, the GT-S55 isn't available through the Epson Web site...There's no reason these same companies couldn't use the Epson GT-S50, but the GT-S55 also includes Epson's Document Capture Pro scan utility, which is a much better fit than the Epson GT-S50's equivalent for the kind of office the scanner is aimed at...At 8.4 by 11.9 by 8.0 inches (HWD) with the input and output trays closed, or 15.9 by 11.9 by 15.0 inches with the trays extended, the GT-S55 is small enough to share a desk with as a personal scanner...The software side of the package is trimmed down to a few well-chosen essentials...The Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S55 scanner would stand out better if it were closer to its claimed speed, didn't slow down so much when scanning to sPDF format, or both..."