Finally, a Way to Figure Out HDTV Model Numbers

Decoding the Model Number

Have you ever spent hours researching an HDTV purchase, marched into your local Best Buy store, model number in hand only to hear, "sorry, we don't carry that particular TV." TV model numbers don't have to be confusing. Retrevo has unraveled the model number puzzle and now you can use the Retrevo Model Decoder to become a smarter TV shopper.

Try Out the Decoder for These Major Brands

Use Retrevo's Model Decoder to figure out how to interpret HDTV model numbers and learn about the different manufacturers' HDTV series for these manufacturers:

Learn about special-retailer's models

When you search on retrevo for any model that is only sold at a Costco, Sam's Club or other retailer, we'll tell you the standard model sold on the web that it is similar to. Also, The Retrevo product page will tell you all about the TV model's series like this Sony BRAVIA or Samsung LED-LCD TV.


Model Decoder for Costco, Sam's Club and Others

Many retailers like Costco, Sam's Club and others use their own model numbers. Comparing Costco models to equivalent models sold elsewhere can be as easy as adding "1" or "50" to the standard model number.

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