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With 103 HP Storage in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best HP Storage. We analyze price, features, and HP storage reviews - to pick the top storage from HP. We'll help you find great deals on a HP storage. Other top brands of storage are: LaCie, Fantom Drives, Buffalo, Apricorn, Seagate.
Reviews for this HP storage (10 user reviews): "wish it was USB 3.0, but well it was bought 2yrs ago xD I never used the software that came w/ it, in fact I formatted this before using it just to keep it as a simple external HDD w/ no mambo jumbo =P Pros...No cons atm but is very scared to scratch it or put anything that might ruin the glossy black finish on the sides, and front but other then that i love this item, good job not one single noise from this drive, ultra quiet...love the design, would recommend it to anyone..."
Reviews for this HP storage (1 user review.): "This is my trusty drive for imaging my hard drives, it is pretty fast for using a usb 2.0 interface..."
Reviews for this HP storage (7 user reviews): "Does a complete backup and puts the files so you can selectivly recover them as needed...its a green drive, which can be a good thing as to that less heat = more reliability but it also means its VERYYYYYYYYYYYYY slow...AVRG Read - Write speeds about 25-15Mbps Not bad, but it would have been nice if they didnt make it require the external power adapter..."
Reviews for this HP storage (13 user reviews): "A good compact drive, very sleek and elegant...Good for computer use (only) for a novice user looking for an automatic backup solution...To summarize a good drive for an automated backup solution and nothing more..."
Reviews for this HP storage (5 user reviews): "If it didn't install it's own software it would be a great buy...It went right to work backing up my c/ drive...Not worth going home about but it sure would be nice to find a way to kill the pest..."
Reviews for this HP storage: "Quick Specs - CD / DVD type: None. Price Range: $925.00 - $1,579.66 from 3 stores."