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1927 Headphones in the market - we help you choose the best. Retrevo's headphone reviews use algorithms that mine the collective reviews and prices of the entire web, so you can get the best headphone. Reviews for our top-rated headphones are below. You can also see reviews for Koss, JVC, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica and more.
Reviews for this Koss headphone (10 user reviews): "Overall construction is good! Wiring seems a tad flimsy Kudos to the shipper...Good sound quality Could have more size adjustments not an audiophile by any means, sounds decent, reasonably comfortable for long duration wear...The cord is a good length for a portable clip on your belt mp3 player and it has a volume controller on the cord..."
Reviews for this Koss headphone (66 user reviews): "Yup, most people would not believe that it could sounds as good as its earned its name for, i was into buying a set for my Iphone, so i hit search for best head set online and one website show this Koss is number one best seller...i paid 20$ for my 1st set, it was too good i bought a second pair for 15$ on E-bay...Cheap Bad, bad quality Impedance is 60 Ohms, which does not translate to "bad", but it does require more power to drive..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone (25 user reviews): "I don't own any high-end earbuds to compare against, but I subjectively think they produce very good sound for the price when compared to my over-the-ear headphones...If you are looking for nice sounding earbuds with a good amount of bass...3-Sizes included I paid $12 after promos, and for this price there are no cons, but the cord does tangle My ears are super sensitive to in-ear buds, and these are the only buds that fit so well I hardly notice I'm wearing them..."
Reviews for this Koss headphone (14 user reviews): "that was alot back then for some earbuds not too bad now considering some can fetch well over $30...wish i had bought extras at the time in 2003 Sound isolation was pretty good Bass was underwhelming, poor durability Right earbud stopped working after two months of moderate use...For what I paid, though, it's not bad..."
Reviews for this JVC headphone (58 user reviews): "Can feel cheap to some, Bass is only alright...I came across these and read the good reviews, so I decided to give them a try...His friends bring over their headphones which cost as much as $120 and these are as good or better..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (16 user reviews): "Features 9.75 Overall as a package 9.75 Overall for sound quality 7.5 Overall 8.5 The mids and vocals are where they shine and completely destroy my Audioengine speakers...These aren't bad, but could have been better still though that might cost much more...My 19 yr old son said he's a "Sennheiser snob" because other headphones don't compare, so I went with his experienced recommendation and am very pleased..."
Reviews for this Koss headphone (54 user reviews): "bass is really good with a good EQ tweak, i have read on here before i purchased them that they did not have enough volume, I have had Koss stuff before so i got them any way...They're pretty darned good for the price range I bought em at and I absolutely do not regret getting them...Very good quality, the sound is very crisp here..."
Reviews for this Koss headphone (11 user reviews): "I guess they're good looking, but who cares...With the proper output, you can spend two to three times more on any other pair of headphones and they will not sound as good...These headphones sound terrible out of the box, with almost no bass and a pretty bad sound..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (26 user reviews): "I preferred RS 180 in this lot because the sound quality was nearly as good as HD 598 but with more thumping bass and very little difference in clearness and clarity, while being wireless...The treble of the RS 170 was better than the RS 180 however the mids were best with HD 598, almost as forward and good with RS180 and slightly worse with RS 170...I recommend the RS 180 over the RS 170 at current pricing..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (16 user reviews): "Music is very good through these...The M50 had like a veil of bass similar to what you would find in the Beat Pros and I don't like that...I love everything about these headphones except on thing (going in cons obviously.) The quality of these headphones speak for themselves but on the technical side, 8 herts..."
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