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1937 Headphones in the market - we help you choose the best. Retrevo's headphone reviews use algorithms that mine the collective reviews and prices of the entire web, so you can get the best headphone. Reviews for our top-rated headphones are below. You can also see reviews for Koss, JVC, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and more.
Reviews for this Audio Technica headphone (15 user reviews): "Because of this, I wasn't expecting much; I thought they would either sound bad or break within a few weeks from shotty build quality...The sound is good and better suited for mid to highs and lacks bass however, if you have an amp with an equalizer, it will help rectify that problem...Solid construction - Great mid to highs, lows can be good with an equalizer and amp - Very comfortable and absolutely no fatigue..."
Reviews for this Yamaha headphone (25 user reviews): "I don't own any high-end earbuds to compare against, but I subjectively think they produce very good sound for the price when compared to my over-the-ear headphones...If you are looking for nice sounding earbuds with a good amount of bass...3-Sizes included I paid $12 after promos, and for this price there are no cons, but the cord does tangle My ears are super sensitive to in-ear buds, and these are the only buds that fit so well I hardly notice I'm wearing them..."
Reviews for this Creative headphone (18 user reviews): "I have owned them for about four years and I thought I should pay it forward for the good years of services they've given me and write my very first review...Just this past month I broke one of the hinges and had to epoxy it back together, but I dropped them pretty good so thats fair...Cords are a little short, which can be a good or a bad thing because they definitely wont reach to the back of a computer tower on the ground without an extender (they wont get tangled up either and are perfect length for your pocket..."
Reviews for this Labtec headphone (11 user reviews): "Overall these are onother great buy from NE...great buy - my friends bought the logitech 3 piece, these are way better mid range with just as good base...Highly recommended! Awesome Bass, sattellites are very clear and sharp, volume adjustments are on the satellites, (cant be seen in pics..."
Reviews for this Koss headphone (10 user reviews): "Overall construction is good! Wiring seems a tad flimsy Kudos to the shipper...Good sound quality Could have more size adjustments not an audiophile by any means, sounds decent, reasonably comfortable for long duration wear...The cord is a good length for a portable clip on your belt mp3 player and it has a volume controller on the cord..."
Reviews for this Koss headphone (14 user reviews): "that was alot back then for some earbuds not too bad now considering some can fetch well over $30...wish i had bought extras at the time in 2003 Sound isolation was pretty good Bass was underwhelming, poor durability Right earbud stopped working after two months of moderate use...For what I paid, though, it's not bad..."
Reviews for this Audio Technica headphone (87 user reviews): "But this brings me to my most important point: For gaming, particularly first person shooters, these are as good as it gets...I'm not an audiophile but I wanted some headphones for gaming and they sound fantastic with good soundstage, making directional sounds easy to pinpoint...These cans always came up at the top of people's recommended list based on their performance-to-cost ratio..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (43 user reviews): "Driving this bad boy with Schiit Magnic and Schiit Modi and it's truly incredible...These are known to have a warm and veiled sound, which either is bad or good depending on who listens to them...Since the drivers have 300 impedance (more than most), it is highly recommended to use a headphone amplifier..."
Reviews for this Koss headphone (11 user reviews): "I guess they're good looking, but who cares...With the proper output, you can spend two to three times more on any other pair of headphones and they will not sound as good...These headphones sound terrible out of the box, with almost no bass and a pretty bad sound..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (10 user reviews): "Without a sound card or a sound dongle, it doesn't sound good, and is too quiet, if you want to buy these, make sure you have the right equipment to use their true power, since on board isn't enough to power them...I bought them when they were on sale for $70, I see they are 80 now, I would still recommend them, only if you have a sound card to use its power...I recommend these for stationary listening only..."
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