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IOGEAR Mouse Reviews

With 17 IOGEAR Mice in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best IOGEAR Mouse. We analyze price, features, and IOGEAR mouse reviews - to pick the top mice from IOGEAR. We'll help you find great deals on a IOGEAR mouse. Other top brands of mice are: Gear Head, Logitech, Microsoft, Kensington, Mad Catz.
Reviews for this IOGEAR mouse (1 user review.): "It's a mouse and it works like it should...I've tried it at about 10 feet and it works perfect at that distance..."
Reviews for this IOGEAR mouse (69 user reviews): "Very fast delivery, i recommend newegg and this keyboard...The case feels great in your hands/on your lap! The materials are rather rubbery where they need to be, so it doesn't slip in your hands...The keyboard is a good size so finding your keys isn't too bad..."
Reviews for this IOGEAR mouse (29 user reviews): "Rarely it actually functions as a mouse Usually it does not work at all...Cheap materials leading to a poor overall feel...This is very frustrating as I find the mouse always wanting to run back to the laptop's USB port where it'c connected..."
Reviews for this IOGEAR mouse (8 user reviews): "I bought it 1.5 years ago and I had to exchange it 4(!) times...Today, I do not recommend buying this mouse...This mouse would be fine for a desktop, but no one would ever use a mouse this small with a desktop..."
Reviews for this IOGEAR mouse (3 user reviews): "If you do not own shares in a battery factory, stay away from this mouse...It's a tiny "travel mouse" designed for your laptop, basically used by 1 person! Why does it need to be germ free?), plug and play, smooth tracking (on a decent mousepad-See Cons) TINY! (See other thoughts), Poor tracking on random surfaces...Overall, if you have a laptop and need a tiny mouse that might work on a table top (not woodgrain), it could work for you......"
Reviews for this IOGEAR mouse (7 user reviews): "No cons related to the functionality of the mouse...but it randomly will disconnect from my computer and either will reconnect about 2-3 seconds later or it will not reconnect at all...Overall a good mouse but as for my experience with it, it was not good, so I plan on sticking with a Logitech name or even Microsoft for my next mouse...Has a good solid feel and good balance as well..."
Reviews for this IOGEAR mouse (9 user reviews): "Would recommend this ONLY if you had to have a bluetooth mouse with the front/back buttons...Either I got a bad mouse, or the mouse has a very narrow transfer and will suffer brain freeze if used for gaming...Battery life dosen't seem all that good considering light amount of use I give it..."
Reviews for this IOGEAR mouse (11 user reviews): "It could use a few tweaks (see cons) but for under $30 you cant ask for more...And it is slightly big for a presenter tool, but overall it was exactly what I wanted it to be...1) Uses standard AA rechargeable batteries!! That was very important for me as it can save a lot of money in the long run as well as increase the usage time between charges 2) Good ergonomics..."
Reviews for this IOGEAR mouse (8 user reviews): "Good for simple tasks and with mouse pad...I would recommend this mouse for anyone on a budget...I was too hasty to say the mic quality is good..."