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Kensington Mouse Reviews

With 95 Kensington Mice in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Kensington Mouse. We analyze price, features, and Kensington mouse reviews - to pick the top mice from Kensington. We'll help you find great deals on a Kensington mouse. Other top brands of mice are: Logitech, iHome, Verbatim, Gear Head, Microsoft.
Reviews for this Kensington mouse (6 user reviews): "light (if u like that), good button placement, pretty sensitive, high dpi, and micro receiver...the whole reason I bought it over others at this price...Great gaming mouse.I'ts a good mouse.Bummer the price went up.But a steal even at this price...If you're looking for a full sized mouse because you have big hands or are just more comfortable with something under the palm then this mouse is probably a good fit for you..."
Reviews for this Kensington mouse: "Read regular analog, Kensington consumer reviews. Find product reviews for Keyboards and Mice by real customers on Epinions.com"
Reviews for this Kensington mouse: "I hate mouse cords, especially when I'm using a laptop. I've tried a number of solutions in the past, but they've all had cords that would either be tethered too ..."
Reviews for this Kensington mouse (18 user reviews): "I don't know what the deal is with the wireless connection but it is really bad; if it's more than a couple inches from the receiver, it starts dropping out...you move the ball and the pointer may or may not follow...My MS Wireless 8000 mouse purchased in 2007 is more precise, has a good battery indicator and a great scroll wheel...Would recommend the Logitech M570 - never had a problem with that..."
Reviews for this Kensington mouse (8 user reviews): "Seriously - I've expected all keybords, mices to have a micro one by now...But this one is a huge receiver kina like old wireless cards or thumbddrives - sticking out good 6 centimeters out of laptop...Overall this mouse is a horrible and horribly frustrating..."
Reviews for this Kensington mouse (8 user reviews): "none the only reason for 4 stars is because there is always room for improvement and imo there is no such thing as 5 starts Good, large size, fits my hand very well, adjustable speed is a great addition...I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the same features in a mouse that I was...I was going to immediatly send this back but decided to keep it and throw it in my laptop travel bag It's will be a good mouse for the road and at coffee shops..."
Reviews for this Kensington mouse (59 user reviews): "As a casual FPS gamer who's never used a real gaming mouse, this has everything I could ask for in something so cheap...Good for the money, Great Value, Feels like a $30 mouse...none the laser light is so bright and there are huge gaps between the buttons and the wheel, the red light comes out and shines on my monitor which i find super annoying..."
Reviews for this Kensington mouse (18 user reviews): "Fits great! Small size and feels really good to hold 2 DPI settings lets to dial it in Wireless USB has to be close to the mouse to detect Ordered this product in 05/12 and it died 07/13...Buttons are responsive and the DPI adjustment is a good range between the two settings...Seemed like a good product when I first bought it The scroll wheel started a high pitched squeak after I had it for about 2 weeks..."
Reviews for this Kensington mouse (1 user review.): "Unknown Title and video claim there is a limited lifetime warranty..."
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