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1592 Keyboards in the market - we help you choose the best. Retrevo's keyboard reviews use algorithms that mine the collective reviews and prices of the entire web, so you can get the best keyboard. Reviews for our top-rated keyboards are below. You can also see reviews for Cherry, Logitech, SMK-Link, Microsoft, i-Rocks and more.
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (137 user reviews): "Whoever was the manager that gave this thing the green light should be fired, as well as whoever there thinks it's a good idea to send the customer a $70 keyboard when they should be sending the $12 battery...i am on my computer 8-10 hours a day and this was recommended to me and now I know why...So far so good with the replacement..."
Reviews for this Microsoft keyboard (103 user reviews): "The quality of this keyboard is overall good...The period key would only work if I put a good amount of pressure on it...In summary, I highly recommend this keyboard..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (78 user reviews): "Range is fine, response is as good as wired...Relatively quiet and have a good feel to them which is hard to explain...Nice Layout Customizable Extra Buttons Good Range 3 Year warranty Mine broke, but was replaced promptly Recieved mine originally as gift from a now estranged ex-girlfriend, so I had no invoice when I called customer service..."
Reviews for this Microsoft keyboard (73 user reviews): "Putting together another pc build for family and needed a good knockaround keyboard instead of banging my high end mechanical keyboard around...Fairly quiet keys, good "touch" to them...none Extremely good value for the money..."
Reviews for this Genius keyboard (18 user reviews): "Small size or lack of number pad are not cons in a product of this type and size...I don't usually give 5-egg reviews because few things are perfect, but if you are wanting a small keyboard, you know the limitations and they aren't cons, so it is indeed pretty perfect...Overall it's a solid keyboard for the price..."
Reviews for this Kensington keyboard (42 user reviews): "The weight gives it a good quality feel...The keys themselves are very nice: a good travel and spring amount...Overall, an excellent keyboard for the price..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (117 user reviews): "No real cons here just be aware that there are no lights on the kb...IF they work great If they work none I have ordered 10 these in 2 months and they have yet to get me a good one...normally good service from new egg but man you are dropping my interest fast..."
Reviews for this Microsoft keyboard (14 user reviews): "Great sleek design - Sturdy - Keys feel good and smooth - nice gloss finish - plug and play no problems out of the box none Low price, nice layout...I'd never really been that picky about keyboards until now Good price, Nice quality, Has a good comfortable feel for myself being an average size and even my wife loves the curved keyboard layout with her smaller hands None yet durable and comfortable to use...the ergonomics on this keyboard actually feel good for me..."