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1592 Keyboards in the market - we help you choose the best. Retrevo's keyboard reviews use algorithms that mine the collective reviews and prices of the entire web, so you can get the best keyboard. Reviews for our top-rated keyboards are below. You can also see reviews for Adesso, SIIG, Cherry, Logitech, Gear Head and more.
Reviews for this Microsoft keyboard (29 user reviews): "The good looks, the price, and the wireless capability mean nothing if you're going to use this keyboard for more than typing in search engines...2) The ergonomics is really good with it's arc shape (Hence it's name duh!) 3) Great for everyday use...I read someone said it's not a good gaming keyboard, which I can understand if you are used to use the arrow keys, or the numeric pad..."
Reviews for this Kensington keyboard (42 user reviews): "The weight gives it a good quality feel...The keys themselves are very nice: a good travel and spring amount...Overall, an excellent keyboard for the price..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (137 user reviews): "Whoever was the manager that gave this thing the green light should be fired, as well as whoever there thinks it's a good idea to send the customer a $70 keyboard when they should be sending the $12 battery...i am on my computer 8-10 hours a day and this was recommended to me and now I know why...So far so good with the replacement..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (155 user reviews): "nothing! Comfortable Bold lettering and numbers Sturdy The packaging was good BUT...Stand up tabs are sturdy, feels good...This keyboard is very good for the price of a pizza..."
Reviews for this IOGEAR keyboard (585 user reviews): "I guess two years of use is not bad these days, but it's still disappointing...The mouse trackball and buttons are great, very easy to navigate on my 50" TV - Pretty good wireless range None I just built a new main computer and converted my old one into a server/media center...I highly recommend this keyboard if you're not using the computer/monitor at a desk with a proper mouse..."
Reviews for this Microsoft keyboard (103 user reviews): "The quality of this keyboard is overall good...The period key would only work if I put a good amount of pressure on it...In summary, I highly recommend this keyboard..."
Reviews for this Key Tronic keyboard: "Read keytronic with optical trackball consumer reviews. Find product reviews for Keyboards and Mice by real customers on Epinions.com"
Reviews for this Targus keyboard: "Read customer product reviews on Targus Tgr-Msr35 33-In-1 Card Reader (TGRMSR35). Rating: 4 stars from 1 consumer reviews at Epinions.com"
Reviews for this Apple keyboard: "hey guys, i have a 2.4GHz mid-2010 mac mini with 2GB of ram, running 10.6.8 with all software up to date. this computer was purchased about two months ago ..."
Reviews for this Microsoft keyboard (30 user reviews): "Keyboard has a nice touch & feel to it...The keyboard/mouse combo would be fine, but I have to downgrade the overall rating, as it is unacceptable to have a device in this shape...The batteries in those are still good..."