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With 47 Lasko Heaters in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Lasko Heater. We analyze price, features, and Lasko heater reviews - to pick the top heaters from Lasko. We'll help you find great deals on a Lasko heater. Other top brands of heaters are: Broan-NuTone, Cadet, Marley Engineering, Vornado, TPI.
Reviews for this Lasko heater (2 user reviews): "It warms up really quick, remote control the thermostat is not accurate, as other reviewer mentioned...It is a very good heater, the only problem is that I have to set the temp a little higher than I want it because the thermostat reading is incorrect...A good space heater on the whole..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater: "Compare Lasko 6101 Heater prices and find deals on Heaters"
Reviews for this Lasko heater: "Read customer product reviews on Lasko 6435 Designer Heater. Rating: 5 stars from 1 consumer reviews at Epinions.com"
Reviews for this Lasko heater (3 user reviews): "heats up room very quickly - NOT a loud fan (common complaint of fan heaters) - compact in size - simple controls (level of heat, fan speed, oscillation on/off) - no remote control (unlike the larger lasko model also sold on newegg...While it wont heat a house, it does great in a bedroom...Shut the door and it will heat it up quick and the thermostat works great..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater (1 user review.): "On low, runs (heats) constantly until switched off...It turns out this heater's thermostat is disabled on the low power setting by design...I wish I had first, but I have never seen this "feature" before, so I didn't know..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater (2 user reviews): "We no longer sue the central heat..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater (1 user review.): "you can use the thermostat OR the low temperature setting BUT NOT BOTH, meaning that when you set it to work in low temperature mode it will heat indefinitely...high fan/heat mode does have a thermostat BEEPS, LOUDLY, every time you push a button, plug it in, etc...thermostat also seems badly placed and is heated somewhat by the heater, temperature displayed will drop about 4 degrees once it kicks on..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater (1 user review.): "Everything you try to do with the buttons makes this thing beep...LOUDLY! Don't try to use it in a home at night...Remote is flakey sometimes requiring you to press the buton twice...once to wake the remote, then again to send the function?) I'm going to void the warrnty and cut the leads to the beeper..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater (2 user reviews): "Has convenent remote and Thermostat control Not nearly as strong as it claims...Had read other descriptions/specs (not on newegg) which claimed this model was good for a 300sq foot area which is why I purched this particular model...Bottom line priority for any heater I would think would be "HEAT", not the features..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater (6 user reviews): "I followed the instructions on the back of the device that says to unplug it and leave it for a good 15 minutes of so...Does a very good job for the price...We have purchased it for our bathroom and it does a good job in heating it quickly..."