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Lasko Heater Reviews

With 47 Lasko Heaters in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Lasko Heater. We analyze price, features, and Lasko heater reviews - to pick the top heaters from Lasko. We'll help you find great deals on a Lasko heater. Other top brands of heaters are: Lasko, Cadet, Sunpentown, Broan-NuTone, Dimplex.
Reviews for this Lasko heater (6 user reviews): "My cons are not with the heater but with New Egg's service...Like I said, this is a good product, but do yourself a favor and buy it from a retailer other than New Egg...Overall this product is recommended even in cold weather..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater: "Product information for Lasko 5309 Heater. A drafty room is easy to warm with the Lasko 5309. This oscillating space heater distributes and moves heat evenly throu"
Reviews for this Lasko heater: "Quick Specs - Form Factor: Tower - Safety Features: Auto shut-off, Overheating protection. Price Range: $43.07 - $69.99 from 2 stores."
Reviews for this Lasko heater: "U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: Ceramic Heaters Recalled By Lasko; Heaters Could Pose A Fire Hazard"
Reviews for this Lasko heater (4 user reviews): "Heats very well-Great for small to medium size rooms...It has a temp dial and does what my heater that went bad didn't...Small heaters are good for small areas, but for rooms a little larger than a bathroom, this unit is better, keeping a room 25' by 17' nice, also a large bedroom..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater (6 user reviews): "I followed the instructions on the back of the device that says to unplug it and leave it for a good 15 minutes of so...Does a very good job for the price...We have purchased it for our bathroom and it does a good job in heating it quickly..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater (15 user reviews): "The 8 hour timer, the remote control the auto thermo sensor...4 eggs for this reason Good quality Remote Digital display Thermostat Beeping noise every time you hit a button is a little on the loud side...They work pretty well at first but I have had to return these almost every year due to the fact that they burn out..."
Reviews for this Lasko heater (1 user review.): "On low, runs (heats) constantly until switched off...It turns out this heater's thermostat is disabled on the low power setting by design...I wish I had first, but I have never seen this "feature" before, so I didn't know..."