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With 15 Logitech Headphones in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Logitech Headphone. We analyze price, features, and Logitech headphone reviews - to pick the top headphones from Logitech. We'll help you find great deals on a Logitech headphone. Other top brands of headphones are: Koss, JVC, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica.
Reviews for this Logitech headphone (70 user reviews): "I still recommend this because I was just unlucky to have gotten two poorly-made ones...Sound Great, Good Range Broke after 3 months of use...I would not recommend these to anyone I purchased these knowing good full and well they would break; Logitech is replacing them with the Free Pulse headphones..."
Reviews for this Logitech headphone (10 user reviews): "The bass is really good along with a balance high end...Bass is nice and deep, and the range is good...I knew Logitech made good mice and keybaords, and had heard good things about their speakers and headphones too, so I decided to give these a try..."
Reviews for this Logitech headphone (5 user reviews): "Broke after about 6 weeks of light use in the office...Run every morning with them and they work flawless! None This has an exelent quality sound for the price than you pay for it, the only con whit this is than the union betwenn headphones is very bad, because latter of one use of week this could be broken...A small piece of metal comes w/ it to help get the plates off..."
Reviews for this Logitech headphone (4 user reviews): "Logitech has very good customer support told them my problem and they took care of everything didn't have to send them out for repair or anything just sent the receipt and all was good go logitech Works exactly as I would have suspected...Nothing blew me away, but no cons...These are very good headphones for the price you pay for them..."
Reviews for this Logitech headphone (1 user review.): "Feels great in-ear and tons of different tips to match all ear shapes so you won't have a bad fit...The carrying case is really nice, much nicer than some other brands cases that I have had...If you do a little research and read some reviews, I'm sure you can find some nice high quality buds, that are on par or better than these for alot less..."
Reviews for this Logitech headphone: "Logitech F540 Wireless Headset. When you live in a house with children, whether they are yours or the people that lived there before you just left them, ..."
Reviews for this Logitech headphone: "Logitech headphones; Ultimate Ears 500; Ultimate Ears 500 See all models . Logitech Ultimate Ears 500vi; Overview ; User Reviews; Specs; Compare; Shop; Average User ..."
Reviews for this Logitech headphone: "Logitech purchased the California-based Ultimate Ears back in 2008 and set to work on repackaging its entire line of headphones, including the UE 700 Noise ..."
Reviews for this Logitech headphone (27 user reviews): "Amazing! Easily my favorite headphones ever! good battery life, slim, good bass, and easy to use...the product was good, and the cause of failure was partially my fault from not taking care of it well...Well, where to begin...the cons FAR outweigh any freedoms gained from being wireless..."
Reviews for this Logitech headphone (1 user review.): "Unpacked them, put them on, distortion in one ear, nothing in other...Back of one ear-buds fell off when took them out of my ears the third time...I would have expected better quality from a product bearing the Logitech brand..."