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With 100 Logitech Keyboards in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Logitech Keyboard. We analyze price, features, and Logitech keyboard reviews - to pick the top keyboards from Logitech. We'll help you find great deals on a Logitech keyboard. Other top brands of keyboards are: Adesso, SIIG, Cherry, Logitech, Gear Head.
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (137 user reviews): "Whoever was the manager that gave this thing the green light should be fired, as well as whoever there thinks it's a good idea to send the customer a $70 keyboard when they should be sending the $12 battery...i am on my computer 8-10 hours a day and this was recommended to me and now I know why...So far so good with the replacement..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (155 user reviews): "nothing! Comfortable Bold lettering and numbers Sturdy The packaging was good BUT...Stand up tabs are sturdy, feels good...This keyboard is very good for the price of a pizza..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (117 user reviews): "No real cons here just be aware that there are no lights on the kb...IF they work great If they work none I have ordered 10 these in 2 months and they have yet to get me a good one...normally good service from new egg but man you are dropping my interest fast..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard: "The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 is a worthwhile refresh with updates that include a Unifying receiver for consolidated USB port access ..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (78 user reviews): "Range is fine, response is as good as wired...Relatively quiet and have a good feel to them which is hard to explain...Nice Layout Customizable Extra Buttons Good Range 3 Year warranty Mine broke, but was replaced promptly Recieved mine originally as gift from a now estranged ex-girlfriend, so I had no invoice when I called customer service..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (381 user reviews): "Feels good to me, though I did not try any other gaming keyboards before buying this one...The lights look good and the profile switching is great (now that it works properly again...It is a good looking keyboard for sure..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (18 user reviews): "The overall feel is solid and durable, and the compact design is great for those who love their desk real estate...Either plan on using the PS/2 connector or have a good adapter already on hand...The overall width and height of the keyboard seem to have been slightly reduced..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard (36 user reviews): "Can share existing Logitech's nano receiver (so I have three Logitech devices all connected with just one nano receiver, you just need to run Logitech's Unifying software to configure it) 5...This keyboard is in no way as good as a mechanical or scissor-style mini keyboard, but it is robustly built, part of the Logitech unifying RF system, and extremely well priced...Good ol' wired keyboard has yet to fail me, I suppose I can wait..."
Reviews for this Logitech keyboard: "Logitech 920-003390 Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0 Plus and Nook Color with CyanogenMo d 7"
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