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Logitech Mouse Reviews

With 135 Logitech Mice in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Logitech Mouse. We analyze price, features, and Logitech mouse reviews - to pick the top mice from Logitech. We'll help you find great deals on a Logitech mouse. Other top brands of mice are: Logitech, iHome, Verbatim, Gear Head, Microsoft.
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (127 user reviews): "Good for travelers with laptops + Wireless + Decent build...But besides that I have never had any issues with it and I would recommend, I actually used it on my desktop for awhile for gaming but had to get used it it...Just go to Home Depot and buy like a 24 value pack for 10$ and youll be good..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (14 user reviews): "Also I read that logitech recommends having a white surface to use it for best possible usage and I put a sheet of white paper over my mouse pad and it did reduce the drift somewhat but not for me to game with it...Overall, I found the mouse unsuitable and ended up buying another at future shop...The scroll wheel might be a bit too sensitive but s'all good..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (82 user reviews): "if i want to scroll that bad i suppose i cut, and re-soldier the usb wire, but just because I can doesn't mean I should have to...Logitech used to be my go-to brand for peripherals, but- i think I'll have to give them up after this experience combined with a few other bad experiences i've had recently...I have been hearing such good things about NewEgg, but this was less than great, and one thing I don't need to do is screw around with a cheap mouse..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (10 user reviews): "I'd recommend this mouse, but only because there's practically no wired/wireless mouses out there suitable for gaming...New LGS software currently has bad support for the G700...Looks better than original G700 -New 8200 DPI sensor VS old 5700 -Fixed some minor annoyances -New grip is great, feels good compared to my old DeathAdder, and doesn't slip like the old G700 one did for me..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (143 user reviews): "Works None Deployed this over a year ago and the user loves it! I've been using this and it's predecessor for over a decade...Overall, I seriously love this product and hope that Logitech continues to produce them into the distant future...I am 6' with long piano fingers and expert is ex -Sturdy -Sexy looking -Good Hand Rest -Left button difficult to press -Difficult to control I probably didn't give this product enough time to fully embrace its trackball action..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (434 user reviews): "Finally, the included rechargeable battery is standard (AA NiMH), user-replaceable, and actually a very good brand (Sanyo Eneloop...The pros vastly outweigh the cons...At the time, this mouse was getting good reviews on here so I went ahead and gave it a try..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (102 user reviews): "I'd strongly recommend the G9x, or for a simpler classic model, the MX 518 Good weight and size, buttons very responsive...lots of buttons good weight good feel tons of profiles available in the software none so far having just come from using a regular mouse and never having more than 6 buttons to keep track of, thus mouse will take some MAJOR getting use to...I'm having to relearn how to good a mouse..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (117 user reviews): "No real cons here just be aware that there are no lights on the kb...IF they work great If they work none I have ordered 10 these in 2 months and they have yet to get me a good one...normally good service from new egg but man you are dropping my interest fast..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (7 user reviews): "Plug in the tiny reciever, battery in the mouse and your good to go...Overall its a pretty nice mouse, could see it being a few bucks cheaper though...SINCE I HAVE OWNED IT I HAVE HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH IT, AND THE OVERALL RANGE IS GREAT..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (8 user reviews): "So overall I would not recommend the upgrade to this mouse...The mouse has a nice weight and arch, feels good in hand after long periods of use...The good responsiveness and control it gives you makes this easier than it sounds..."
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