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We analyze price, features, and Maximo headphone reviews - to pick the top headphones from Maximo. We'll help you find great deals on a Maximo headphone. Other top brands of headphones are: Koss, JVC, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic.
Reviews for this Maximo headphone (1 user review.): "Excellent sound for the money Left earbud died after 3 days...Quality control should be beefed up...Second Maximo product I've purchased that's had some kind of defect..."
Reviews for this Maximo headphone: "Maximo iMetal (Silver) See all models . Maximo iM-490S iMetal Isolation; Maximo iM-290 iMetal Stereo Earphones; Overview ; User Reviews; Specs; Shop; Average User Rating"
Reviews for this Maximo headphone (34 user reviews): "Works -bad design -slips off -really uncomfortable sound is ok...long cord There is no bass in this earphone, do not expect them to be good...None good sound Trash They come a part I got it when it was a shell shocker......"
Reviews for this Maximo headphone (5 user reviews): "it's all passive (no battery pack), but silences a good deal of noise anyway...But as I said, the audio is really clear and sharp, which is good...Still, it is good to have for taking them along in your pocket or something..."