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With 66 Maxtor Storage in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Maxtor Storage. We analyze price, features, and Maxtor storage reviews - to pick the top storage from Maxtor. We'll help you find great deals on a Maxtor storage. Other top brands of storage are: LaCie, Fantom Drives, Buffalo, Apricorn, Seagate.
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (18 user reviews): "I have had this external drive for quite a while now...I reformatted the drive reloaded my info and good since then...This hard drive died on me 3 months in, lost all of my data..."
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (12 user reviews): "I bought this product a while back and so far it hasnt failed me...Maxtor, stop being so cheap with the software! Good price, easy to set up, backup software included...other than that transfer speed is fairly fast and i hardly notice it being installed..."
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (52 user reviews): "This drive is so bad I don't even know if I want to use the 5yr warranty...There are many bad comments about the drive failing after only a few months at many sites...Low Initial Cost (but such is actually a bad joke) Dependability..."
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (17 user reviews): "slow to fire up - is so loud i only plug it in when i need to use it...Too bad it doesn't come with software to back-up your o.s...oh well guess you have to buy that separately if you really want to have your system COMPLETELY backed-up..."
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (12 user reviews): "This is a great drive for backing up your hard drives...Complete 24GB hard drive image backup completed in under an hour...Highly recommended but has some issues with my server running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise..."
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (13 user reviews): "I don't know why this product has gotten bad reviews, it has a seagate drive and has just been working absolutely perfectly...I have no idea why this has gotten the bad ratings, ive owned it for over a year and not one problem...I might have been lucky and gotten a good one, so don't base your buying decision on of one review..."
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (30 user reviews): "Works as described with no problems None sofar left off 1 star for the software Nice Size, Good Software...It seems like a really good device...I would recommend this to others, but see cons and other thoughts for other remarks..."
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (1 user review.): "Just plug into two USB ports, and follow the instructions...It appears that the software keeps 10 days of copies of the backups, and then starts swapping the oldest, with the most recent numbered #1...That's fine, but the documentation is very scant, and I didn't know this..."
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (10 user reviews): "noo! But then I plug it in and check my files, all there, do a drive health check, good to go...Bottom Line, this drive was the biggest hassle for me, even for a simple device...Might be good as paper weights, or low-usage blunt weapons..."
Reviews for this Maxtor storage (4 user reviews): "The 750GB Maxtor OneTouch 4Plus enjoys the same benefits as almost all other Seagate or Maxtor hard drives: excellent documentation and superb software support...It has a curious asymmetric retro-futuristic design, not unlike something you'd expect to find on the set of Space 1999, but the Maxtor OneTouch 4Plus is solidly constructed from metal and plastic...This message hints at what the Maxtor OneTouch 4Plus is all about: quick, easy and secure software backup...As the product's name might suggest, the Maxtor OneTouch 4Plus allows you to back up your system with a single touch of a button..."