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How do you choose from 69 Microsoft Mice? What is the best place to find all Microsoft mouse reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated Microsoft mice, by analyzing price, features and Microsoft mouse reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck Microsoft mouse. Other top brands of mice are: Gear Head, Logitech, Microsoft, Kensington, Mad Catz.
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (39 user reviews): "Works with any modern OS (just like a USB mouse, no special drivers needed) Range is long- works across the room when watching movies on my desktop...While it's small size took some getting used to for me, I grew to love it, the mouse has a good feel...I mentioned a lot of cons above, so you might think I would give this three eggs or less, but in terms of value for price, I think it is an OK mouse..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (51 user reviews): "Description says it could work up to 15 feet! Mouse is really good if you are close though...Comfortable Seemingly Durable Good Size Long Battery Life Tracks most surfaces Rubber Wheel will eventually disintegrate, though its still useable without the rubber...Transceiver is very good, and works at long distances..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (14 user reviews): "Wired, I personally never got onto the hype of wireless, and the length of the wire is fair...Overall, it just does whatever a mouse is suppose to do...Gets the Job Done None good solid product for price none..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (62 user reviews): "not annoying but you can tell when it's clicking) Felt bag with magnetic strips...Good design, fits well in my wifes hand, folds up and goes in a pouch for mobile use...I definitely recommend it! Very light mouse and easy to move around..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (28 user reviews): "2nd unit overheated so bad after inserting the batteries that I couldn't touch the unit for a good 15 minutes...I'm good about turning the mouse off when I'm not using it, but it still chews through the batteries in about four weeks...innovative design (looks cool when you are others with traditional mice) feels solid tracks good feels uncomfortable in hand (way to flat and arch is in the wrong place..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (26 user reviews): "Overall, the mouse has a great feel in your hand and looks to be very sturdy and long-lasting...I suspect either a bad circuit board or a cheaply soldered connection of the chord, an issue that has plagued microsoft mice for a while now...I like this button layout, there really is a nice sense of symmetry to a 5 button mouse and really 5 plus 1 wheel button is good enough for me..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (26 user reviews): "I'm overall satisfied with the mouse's functionality...As another reviewer mentioned, the overall size is a little too large...very very good price for a basic wireless mouse, imo worth the 20 bucks Very smooth movements..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (78 user reviews): "I will not recommend it to anyone...It seemed like a good mouse, until it started squeaking The left mouse pointer button squeaks when I click on it...I do not recommend this product..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (226 user reviews): "Manufactured October 2005, I've owned this mouse longer than any other...put some electrical tape on that part and good as new...I swear, as soon as I got this mouse, I suddenly got loads better at every first person shooter game..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (2 user reviews): "I'm using it plugged into a P/S2 port via a standard USB->PS/2 adapter, works great, good feel, good sensitivity -- exactly what I wanted to replace my previous basic MS mouse...I really don't remember if it included the adapter, but made little difference to me, I already had one or more of them -- just unplugged the mouse that died and plugged in the new...www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812200272 Great mouse, no complaints! This is a good mouse, tracks well, feels good..."
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