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1411 Mice in the market - we help you choose the best. Retrevo's mouse reviews use algorithms that mine the collective reviews and prices of the entire web, so you can get the best mouse. Reviews for our top-rated mice are below. You can also see reviews for Gear Head, Logitech, Microsoft, Kensington, Mad Catz and more.
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (379 user reviews): "I've been using this mouse for at least a couple of years, and I love it...I do a good bit of gaming and I find that I can move my cursor across the screen quicker and more effortlessly than with a traditional mouse...It handles well with gaming but I recommend getting an actual gaming mouse..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (39 user reviews): "Works with any modern OS (just like a USB mouse, no special drivers needed) Range is long- works across the room when watching movies on my desktop...While it's small size took some getting used to for me, I grew to love it, the mouse has a good feel...I mentioned a lot of cons above, so you might think I would give this three eggs or less, but in terms of value for price, I think it is an OK mouse..."
Reviews for this Microsoft mouse (51 user reviews): "Description says it could work up to 15 feet! Mouse is really good if you are close though...Comfortable Seemingly Durable Good Size Long Battery Life Tracks most surfaces Rubber Wheel will eventually disintegrate, though its still useable without the rubber...Transceiver is very good, and works at long distances..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (52 user reviews): "Overall, this is an excellent value and a high quality pointing device...I very much recommend this model to price conscious buyers, or system builders...If anything it seems like it catches little bit of gunk on the bottom 4 pad thingys(No idea what to call them) slow it down just a tad, pretty easy to wipe off the bottom and its good..."
Reviews for this Zalman mouse (11 user reviews): "I would recommend this to any gamer of FPS or RPG games alike...This mouse is replacing my Logitech MX510 (ancient) and I feel it was a good choice...But, it feels good in the hand..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (10 user reviews): "I'd recommend this mouse, but only because there's practically no wired/wireless mouses out there suitable for gaming...New LGS software currently has bad support for the G700...Looks better than original G700 -New 8200 DPI sensor VS old 5700 -Fixed some minor annoyances -New grip is great, feels good compared to my old DeathAdder, and doesn't slip like the old G700 one did for me..."
Reviews for this Logitech mouse (127 user reviews): "Good for travelers with laptops + Wireless + Decent build...But besides that I have never had any issues with it and I would recommend, I actually used it on my desktop for awhile for gaming but had to get used it it...Just go to Home Depot and buy like a 24 value pack for 10$ and youll be good..."
Reviews for this Razer mouse (139 user reviews): "It is a good size for a laptop mouse, and isn't that heavy or too light...This mouse overall was a great product...Lightweight, nice size and feel to it, great tracking, Just overall great product..."
Reviews for this 3M mouse (18 user reviews): "None really There's always an adjustment period for using any good ergonomic mouse...Yes, it will take some time before you're as good with this mouse as you are with your old one...By the middle of the 2nd week of ownership, I had completely gotten over all of the "cons" listed above..."
Reviews for this Genius mouse (18 user reviews): "Other that those software cons, I love this mouse! If you are looking for a new mouse, this is it! i play in a competitive tournament league in halo pc, and i have to say this was a very satisfying switch from a razer deathadder 3G...Overall, unless you have tiny hands and value LED lighting over precision, I would stay far away from this mouse...Very customizeable software is easy to use, lots of buttons, good for mmo and shooters..."
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