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242 Radios in the market - we help you choose the best. Retrevo's radio reviews use algorithms that mine the collective reviews and prices of the entire web, so you can get the best radio. Reviews for our top-rated radios are below. You can also see reviews for Midland, Eton, Tivoli, GPX, Yamaha and more.
Reviews for this Sangean radio (15 user reviews): "Prior *standard* radios were noted to bring batteries down to 0.8 or 0.9 V before they were so bad as to be unlistenable...Really good AM reception in my basement apartment...Turns out it was a bad PowerEx battery - right out of the box..."
Reviews for this Midland radio (39 user reviews): "If you live in an area that is subject to bad storms of any kind this could be a life saver...Bad reception inside, may not be fault of radio...This is Midlands fault and not a bad mark against Newegg..."
Reviews for this Tivoli radio: "The Tivoli Model One is a table-top FM radio with a single full-range 3in speaker. It's not a particularly advanced…"
Reviews for this Eton radio: "Quick Specs - Device type: Portable radio - Tuner bands: AM/FM/Weather - Weight: 15.9 oz - Color: Black. Price Range: $50.59 - $60.97 from 5 stores."
Reviews for this GPX radio: "This attractive entry-level GPS device packs the features, but it won't cost you a fortune."
Reviews for this Eton radio: "Quick Specs - Device type: Portable radio - Tuner bands: AM/FM/Weather - Weight: 8.5 oz - Color: Green. Price Range: $34.99 - $37.33 from 2 stores."
Reviews for this Tivoli radio: "The good: The Tivoli Audio SongBook is an attractively designed, decent-sounding portable AM/FM radio with alarm functionality. It also offers a line input ..."
Reviews for this Yamaha radio: "Yamaha introduced the TSX-140 Desktop Audio System with integrated iPod/iPhone dock featuring IntelliAlarm functionality. With earth-inspired color choices ..."
Reviews for this Midland radio: "Midland WR-120B NOAA Weather Radio with SAME. Will Wake Even the Heaviest Sleeper, review by hvarmit. I’ve always felt a sense of security because of the area my ..."