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With 15 Saitek Mice in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Saitek Mouse. We analyze price, features, and Saitek mouse reviews - to pick the top mice from Saitek. We'll help you find great deals on a Saitek mouse. Other top brands of mice are: Gear Head, Logitech, Microsoft, Kensington, Mad Catz.
Reviews for this Saitek mouse (9 user reviews): "Overall best mouse I have had, this incl...The mouse look really good, in my opinion, and if you know something about XP and can adapt to software the mouse's hotkey softwhere works great...adjustable size, good laser, in theory a good hat switch..."
Reviews for this Saitek mouse (10 user reviews): "For a casual user this is a good mouse...Overall a better than average mouse for the price...As I said in the cons, it's really durable for the more advent gamer..."
Reviews for this Saitek mouse (14 user reviews): "Works well - Cute - Not that I know of Its Pink, Lights up! Very smooth operation and comfortable...Smaller than a normal mouse, but a con if you're buying it for someone with large hands...none Smaller than a normal mouse, great for laptop use..."
Reviews for this Saitek mouse (6 user reviews): "none small, used for my daughter's comp, perfect for a child's hand, lights up and looks good might not be so good it you've got big hands got it for my wife she loves it...Good fit for my wife's small hand...i wouldn't recommend u do that though..."
Reviews for this Saitek mouse: "Hailing from Planet Saitek, from a galaxy far, far away, comes the Obsidian Wireless Rechargeable Mouse, an ambidextrous pointing device unlike most others."
Reviews for this Saitek mouse: "Hello, I just bought a saitek x52 but it did not come with the cd and when I try to download the software from saitek the download times out every time is ..."
Reviews for this Saitek mouse: "Since we watch our TV shows as BitTorrent downloads on a media center PC, a solid wireless mouse for navigating through files is pretty much compulsory. So"
Reviews for this Saitek mouse: "Saitek Cyborg Gaming Mouse . Overview ; User Reviews; Specs; Shop; ... I've used all three and the Cyborg has the best from the other two. 3200 DPI adjustable in ..."
Reviews for this Saitek mouse: "Forum Saitek Cyborg or Sidewinder X4; Forum Cyborg Saitek R.A.T. 7 Issue; Forum Saitek Cyborg Keyboard setup?? Forum Saitek X52 vs Saitek cyborg Evo Force"
Reviews for this Saitek mouse: "Cyborg R.A.T.7. Ratatat. ... My question for the MaxPC staff... is there a way to make the Microsoft software work with the R.A.T. 7 or would Saitek, ..."