All About Samsung HDTV Sets

Samsung has a wide variety of HDTV sets, including both LCD, LCD-LED and Plasma models. The LCD and LCD-LED lineup r> Additional Features ----- ----- Samsung Smart TV Samsung Smart TV
Real Black Filter Samsung Smart TV
Real Black Filter
Local Contrast Enhancer
Qwerty Remote
3D Glasses Included

Samsung's Special Features

For an explanation of Samsung's own "branded" features like Smart TV click here. (jump to below...)

The Samsung 2010 and 2011 HDTV Series in Depth


Samsung 8000 Series

Samsung's 8000 Series represents their top of the line Plasma HDTVs, complete with Samsung's Local Contrast Enhancer, Real Black Filter, 3D capability and 1080p resolution. All models have integrated Wi-Fi and access to Samsung's Smart TV, web browser and Qwerty remote allowing you to stream content straight to the set.

Samsung's Own Special Features

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