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How do you choose from 32 Samsung Storage? What is the best place to find all Samsung storage reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated Samsung storage, by analyzing price, features and Samsung storage reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck Samsung storage. Other top brands of storage are: LaCie, Fantom Drives, Buffalo, Apricorn, Seagate.
Reviews for this Samsung storage (7 user reviews): "Nice aluminum unreliable as I mentioned in my review below...Not a bad price for 1.5 terabytes at the time I bought it...I own 3 of the older 1.5TB (USB 2) - all going strong..."
Reviews for this Samsung storage (7 user reviews): "It looks good and solid build When I connected it to my Laptop it powered up, BUT when I tried to run Diagnostic Utility ESWIN_USB_v0.6j_Install.exe (I downloaded it from Samsung.com for this HD) It gave me errors 1...They told me that Hard Drive is bad and I need to backup my data as soon as possible and return it for replacement...So I am now RMA it back to newegg.com I guess nobody can say is this just bad lack or all Samsung drives are bad..."
Reviews for this Samsung storage (5 user reviews): "I that if I do get another it, it will be just as good as this HD, but with more space...This is also a very solid drive, although I don't recommend dropping it...I havent had it long but so far so good..."
Reviews for this Samsung storage (202 user reviews): "Its a good external, and for me it had no problems...The good news is that it was a SATA drive that was fine...A dead PS that quickly, I highly recommend looking elsewhere than Samsung Story Station Although I only put this HHD to very light use, it did everything I needed it to do..."
Reviews for this Samsung storage (185 user reviews): "Looks good Died after a bit over a year of very light use...So good, acquired another recently for my Sister to use...Price and size spelled good buy but......"
Reviews for this Samsung storage (8 user reviews): "Quiet, plenty of space to store all my videos, pictures and backup my system...Eventually I will purchase this drive if it proves to be as good as the Samsung Story series which I've seen has had a lot of 5 egg reviews...In Canada, Newegg is one of the few retailers that has Samsung hard drives..."
Reviews for this Samsung storage (30 user reviews): "actually it is too bad that Newegg doesnt have it in stock!!! looking for second, exactly the same! I've had this running as a server backup for quite some time now, and its nicely reliable...Great storage, priced well, looks good, relatively quiet Died after 7 months of bare minimum use...A few bad sectors, then the whole drive went within a day and could no longer be detected over USB..."
Reviews for this Samsung storage (30 user reviews): "Had this thing for over a year and hasn't crashed or corrupt once...Nice HD low cost and large storage capacity none No problems at all, used as a backup HD works every time no lag good speed...None Looks good Works Fast Fairly quiet Blue light is too bright in a darkened room Price, Quality, PRICE, performance, PRICE, Best PRICE for a 2T drive, internal or external..."
Reviews for this Samsung storage (1 user review.): "Huge capacity, USB 3.0, it's a Samsung! Supplied cable is a non-generic style on the drive side...A minor annoyance was that it came formatted FAT32 which I only noticed after I did an Acronis backup and found my backup consisted of a whole bunch of 4GB portions...I'm even starting to like the white color..."
Reviews for this Samsung storage (2 user reviews): "USB 3.0, Super Fast, quiet, cool and reasonably priced when I got it...I also really like the little faux leather case you get with it...All around very pleased with this Fast, Small, and Durable Doesn't come with backup software which is fine for a Mac, but I installed NTBackup for XP machines (off you XP install CD..."