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Sangean Radio Reviews

With 42 Sangean Radios in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Sangean Radio. We analyze price, features, and Sangean radio reviews - to pick the top radios from Sangean. We'll help you find great deals on a Sangean radio. Other top brands of radios are: Midland, Eton, Tivoli, GPX, Yamaha.
Reviews for this Sangean radio (15 user reviews): "Prior *standard* radios were noted to bring batteries down to 0.8 or 0.9 V before they were so bad as to be unlistenable...Really good AM reception in my basement apartment...Turns out it was a bad PowerEx battery - right out of the box..."
Reviews for this Sangean radio (1 user review.): "You have the option of switching to monophonic for using a monaural earphone...Size N worked at a local shack...Look for adapters with reversible tips..."
Reviews for this Sangean radio (1 user review.): "Good size, nice pouch for the unit when not in use...Came with the AC adapter, a real-in SW antenna, (like a fishing rod,) and bud type stereo head phones...I'd like to get one of those, (With a signal strength monitor, and a few more goodies.) Put this one in the food-water back-pack for emergencies..."
Reviews for this Sangean radio (2 user reviews): "I bought this mainly to listen to AM while at work and it picks it up wonderfully...Not a big deal but it would be a nice addition...You get what you pay for Wish it would come with a built in battery..."
Reviews for this Sangean radio (1 user review.): "Cause you'll get this little gem (especially a bargain at "egg's" sale price) & you'll receive a well built pocket AM-FM radio that does what it oughta -- receives and transmits sounds to your ears...Whilst all the while reliably functioning for many hours on just one AAA battery! Reception is above average, fidelity is, too...But this is a POCKET radio! Avoid "cheap (lousy) imitations"! Don't let this one pass you by..."
Reviews for this Sangean radio (2 user reviews): "Be sure your are buying it for the AM/FM only as the TV stations may be gone soon...When I first saw the price I almost didn't buy the Sangean because I thought it was crazy to pay that for a little AM/FM radio, but I'm glad I read the reviews and ordered it anyway...If and when I buy a replacement, you can be sure it will be another Sangean..."
Reviews for this Sangean radio (76 user reviews): "This radio is great! Sounds great in the shower, by the pool, on the beach, and in thunderstorms...battery lifetime (for my use) is good...buttons are big enough and visible enough to operate in dim light and with slippery fingers..."
Reviews for this Sangean radio (6 user reviews): "Excellent AM and FM sensitivity; High audio power; Good ergonomics; Good sound quality, even without tone controls; Aux input for my iPod; Quiet AC adapter that doesn't introduce noise into the receiver...Overall, and for its size, this has astounding RF performance on both AM and FM bands...Very sensitive on AM & FM, great sound, small convenient package, good build quality and attractive design No handle, a bit heavy, uses C batteries (why???) Positives FAR outweigh shortcomings..."
Reviews for this Sangean radio: "Sangean Electronics, Inc. is a globally active Taiwanese electronics company specialised in radios. It is noted for its shortwave radios and digital-radio receivers."
Reviews for this Sangean radio: "Quick Specs - Device type: Portable radio - Tuner bands: AM/FM - Sound output mode: Stereo - Weight: 12.0 oz - Audio system built-in display: LCD."