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How do you choose from 175 Sennheiser Headphones? What is the best place to find all Sennheiser headphone reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated Sennheiser headphones, by analyzing price, features and Sennheiser headphone reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck Sennheiser headphone. Other top brands of headphones are: Koss, JVC, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic.
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (10 user reviews): "Without a sound card or a sound dongle, it doesn't sound good, and is too quiet, if you want to buy these, make sure you have the right equipment to use their true power, since on board isn't enough to power them...I bought them when they were on sale for $70, I see they are 80 now, I would still recommend them, only if you have a sound card to use its power...I recommend these for stationary listening only..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (43 user reviews): "Driving this bad boy with Schiit Magnic and Schiit Modi and it's truly incredible...These are known to have a warm and veiled sound, which either is bad or good depending on who listens to them...Since the drivers have 300 impedance (more than most), it is highly recommended to use a headphone amplifier..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (16 user reviews): "Features 9.75 Overall as a package 9.75 Overall for sound quality 7.5 Overall 8.5 The mids and vocals are where they shine and completely destroy my Audioengine speakers...These aren't bad, but could have been better still though that might cost much more...My 19 yr old son said he's a "Sennheiser snob" because other headphones don't compare, so I went with his experienced recommendation and am very pleased..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (42 user reviews): "If you're looking for earbuds under twenty dollars, I definitely recommend hunting these down...Not as good as my Skull Candy Ink'd earbuds which cost about the same...Not bad for the price, but I'm sticking with my Ink'd earbuds..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (26 user reviews): "I preferred RS 180 in this lot because the sound quality was nearly as good as HD 598 but with more thumping bass and very little difference in clearness and clarity, while being wireless...The treble of the RS 170 was better than the RS 180 however the mids were best with HD 598, almost as forward and good with RS180 and slightly worse with RS 170...I recommend the RS 180 over the RS 170 at current pricing..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (16 user reviews): "Music is very good through these...The M50 had like a veil of bass similar to what you would find in the Beat Pros and I don't like that...I love everything about these headphones except on thing (going in cons obviously.) The quality of these headphones speak for themselves but on the technical side, 8 herts..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (6 user reviews): "Good enough that even Joe Average can immediately tell how different they sound from the cheap stuff...Oh, it will show significant improvement with a quality headphone amplifier because the source will now be *almost* as good as these units...I never was much of a classical music fan but these cans are so good at resolving sound that I find myself addicted to Wagner, Mozart, and many others..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (4 user reviews): "Should you be using an older iPhone or iPod you need to factor in the cost of Sennheiser’s Bluetooth adaptor called the BTD 300i, which costs £59.99 and makes it possible for the PX 210 BTs to produce stereo sound...We had no trouble pairing the PX 210 BT with our iPod touch, and the audio quality over the Bluetooth wireless connection was extremely good – certainly better than many Bluetooth headphones we’ve tested in the past...They’re fine for listening to music when you’re at work or sitting on a train, but a little extra volume would be good for when you really want to wallow in your favourite sounds..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (7 user reviews): "IMHO the vocals are maybe still a little under-represented, but they are on the low end of Sennheiser's good quality range...These (and probably other good) headphones bring out subtle hidden elements to the music you've heard before...Very warm for such a good entry price in higher end cans..."
Reviews for this Sennheiser headphone (2 user reviews): "Good Range; 50 feet around the office building...The materials are good quality but a noticeable step down from the RS-140...The Pioneers are just as good but at a much higher cost..."
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