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Skullcandy Headphone Reviews

How do you choose from 42 Skullcandy Headphones? What is the best place to find all Skullcandy headphone reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated Skullcandy headphones, by analyzing price, features and Skullcandy headphone reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck Skullcandy headphone. Other top brands of headphones are: Koss, JVC, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica.
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone: "The Mix Master Mike DJ headphones are exemplary of Skullcandy's new direction -- they're smartly designed, the sound is well-balanced and they have an ..."
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone (1 user review.): "Anti-tangle' cable is always nice to have Comfortable after extended use...No mic when using them on the pc (oversight on my part) I've always heard good things about Skullcandy, and these live up to the hype, for an economy model...I just wish the mic had an optional jack for pc input, but that isn't a deal breaker, since i use them primarily for my ipod touch..."
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone (1 user review.): "I did not buy these from NewEgg, but I did buy them from Skullcandy directly...Overall, the quality is very good and you get a few extras that you may find cool, like skullcandy stickers and a nice bag to put the headphones in...Again, very nice quality, made very well, but the cons just make them not work for me..."
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone: "The Skullcandy Double Agent headphones offer a unique and stylized all-in-one design, but they're not particularly comfortable, and sound quality is subpar ..."
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone: "The Skullcandy iPhone FMJ earphones are a solid option for those looking for a wired stereo headset that does double duty for their iPhone, but the off and ..."
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone: "Georgia Bulldogs news, scores, photos, blogs, stats, injuries, transactions, schedule, as well as truth and rumors and Fantasy news from around the web at SI.com."
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone: "Skullcandy S3FXDM-033 - Earbuds - ... Paradigm SHIFT DeliversThree New Earbuds for High-End Audio Quality Sound with Hip, Comfortable Designs and Sport Ear Hooks"
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone (4 user reviews): "i loved how good the sound quality was on these and the volume and play/pause buttons on the cord worked fine for me...they really aren't the most comfortable ear buds out there, but its only bad if you wear them for more than an hour...Click and talk as the mic seem to sound as good if not better than those that come with the iPhones..."
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone (4 user reviews): "Just listened to these at the Local Best Buy, sounded better than the $200 Beats next to them, great sounding headphone from a brand that is not known for good sound, Skullcandy hit it out of the park on this model...Crisp, clear and very good tight Bass, not muddy like the beats...a beats by dre at a local store and they sounded better!!! I swear by these now i never knew skullcandy had such good sound, the build quality is amazing really solid metal parts vs..."
Reviews for this Skullcandy headphone (18 user reviews): "The sound quality is pretty good OVERALL, but I feel like the bass isn't really delivering...terrible sound, as previous reviews stated base is completely lacking i bought these because after all the bad reviews, there were a few reviews saying that they thought the sound quality was good/fine...Great fit, NO HEADACHES!!! Sound is nice, bass is not as bad as these people are saying..."