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Soleus Air Conditioner Reviews

With 100 Soleus Air Conditioners in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Soleus Air Conditioner. We analyze price, features, and Soleus air conditioner reviews - to pick the top air conditioners from Soleus. We'll help you find great deals on a Soleus air conditioner. Other top brands of air conditioners are: Friedrich, Frigidaire, LG, Sunpentown, Haier.
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner (6 user reviews): "I did buy another Soleus 8K BTU for use in bedroom and popup camper! Good Deals @ NewEgg! Cools my 1,350 square foot office very well despite poor insulation...Whenever the humidity trap is full the unit beeps loudly 8 times and stops functioning, making running this unit overnight a bad idea as it can wake you up...The venting hose that goes out the window has a minimum length of about 2 feet (61cm) so the unit ends up a bit in the middle of everything but that's not nearly as frustrating as the cons mentioned above..."
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner (5 user reviews): "It can cool a room...in other words...do its job After 2 months, it sounds like, as another reviewer put it, a blender is in my room...its really good its cheap like every thing from china is, but what can you say, you can not do any thing about it...I am very happy with the unit and will likely purchase another for other room uses..."
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner: "Product information for Soleus PE2-10R-32 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. Make your office comfortable and cool with the Soleus PE2-10R-32 air conditioner that ..."
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner: "This 10,000 BTU Eco Friendly Portable Air Conditioner with Evaporative Dehumidifier By Soleus SG-PAC-10E5/KY-100E5 is an air conditioner and dehumidif..."
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner: "Read soleus-sg-wac-15ese-c-air-conditioner consumer reviews. Find product reviews for Air Conditioners by real customers on Epinions.com"
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner (8 user reviews): "For some of the ppl giving it bad reviews based on performance, if you read the instructions carefully and set it up right, there should be no problem with the cooling or functionality on the system...Highly recommended! Cheaper than the ones that work well It leaks internally...See other thoughts for more cons: Cons continued: - The unit has a top and bottom air intake..."
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner (12 user reviews): "It works! It is battling the summer heat which is what i wanted it for...I will have to use the optional drainage hose and put a big bucket of my own next to the unit if I plan to get a good night sleep...definitely a hassle, but for the money i would say it was worth it..."
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner (34 user reviews): "Which isn't bad at all considering the tent obviously provide zero insulating value...Really a steal for $206 shipped and all worth it! Quiet and does quite a good job of cooling...On really bad days, and heavy use, I have to drain the unit several times a day, every two or three hours..."
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner (3 user reviews): "Fairly easy exhaust and drainage systems Ironically though they didn't make an adapter for side open windows, my bad on that one though...This one isn't the really loud compressor noise, but it sounds more like a belt is going bad...Newegg needs a longer text field for the cons box for me to describe all the flaws of this piece of doodie..."
Reviews for this Soleus air conditioner (9 user reviews): "none as of yet the box was in good shape but when took out of boxs the fan was jam with the vents pushed in still cant find all the parts This air conditioner is absolutely awesome...Pros, if any, are of no value if the unit is NOT RECOMMENDED! You will find many reviews on Newegg and other sites reporting that this unit leaks water; add mine to the list...I would highly recommend this unit and or buy it again..."
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