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Soleus Heater Reviews

With 22 Soleus Heaters in the market, Retrevo's job is to help you find the best Soleus Heater. We analyze price, features, and Soleus heater reviews - to pick the top heaters from Soleus. We'll help you find great deals on a Soleus heater. Other top brands of heaters are: Broan-NuTone, Cadet, Marley Engineering, Vornado, TPI.
Reviews for this Soleus heater: "Compare Soleus HR3-08-21 Heater prices and find deals on Heaters"
Reviews for this Soleus heater (1 user review.): "It puts out a lot of heat fast, 59 to 63 in a 15x20 sunroom in about 10 mins...I have had a few other heaters in this space and I think this one is going to be a good one...I got it somewhere else a little cheaper with free shipping..."
Reviews for this Soleus heater (2 user reviews): "Works great in my bedroom (14 x 18...This is great as the snow has started falling here in ohio...Perfect for smaller rooms or dorms..."
Reviews for this Soleus heater (20 user reviews): "Might want to get the extended warranty...Good heater with remote Had potential, quiet Only worked for 3 months...quiet, fast, 750w setting, good thermostat control, good, slim remote, easy to view panel settings none The only noise from this unit is a periodic click when on the high setting..."
Reviews for this Soleus heater (4 user reviews): "Remote is simple to use and works well from what I tested about 20 ft away at a 45 degree angle...Ambient operating temperature is only up to 109F so it is not good for those hot desert locations that regularly hit 110F...This really is not a bad unit, just keep your reciept in case you need to get it serviced under the 1 year warranty that comes with it..."
Reviews for this Soleus heater (11 user reviews): "Too bad because I like the idea of the 360 degree one they have now...Energy Efficient + Wall mountable (or floor stand) + Remote Control + Quiet Sadly I have purchased two of these heaters...The quality of the parts is just not very good..."
Reviews for this Soleus heater (3 user reviews): "Slim; Runs quietly; Sides don't get hot and hence no worries about accidentally touching the sides; Doesn't dry up the air and hence didn't require a humidifier to keep the moisture intact...Great little heater for the money! Silent, good balance distribution of heat, thin dimension...I like it much better than conventional space where because it's quieter and it doesn't dry out the air..."
Reviews for this Soleus heater (5 user reviews): "Quite, Hot To bright, After I used this heater for heater and then it's stop working...It probably wouldn't work in a bedroom for most people, even if turned away...Unit also puts out a TON of light, my friend said 'dude it could be used as a lighthouse..."
Reviews for this Soleus heater (18 user reviews): "It works so good I bought a second...I have tried all kinds of heat and this thing is genius! - Good cooling and heating ability - kept a 350sf room cool - timer and thermostat to help moderate temp - doesn't last long...I got one good cooling season and one heating season out of it..."
Reviews for this Soleus heater: "Soleus HC1-15-12 800W/1500W CERAMIC POWER HEATER 120V Our heaters are for lowering your energy bill by spot heating the rooms that your family uses the most."