All About Sony HDTV Sets

Sony HDTV sets consist of the entry-level CCFL-backlit BX Series, the mainstream LED-LCD EX Series, and the high-end 3D-enabled NX / HX Series, which offer high refresh rates and full-array local dimming


How to Decode a Sony Model Number

How to Decode a Sony Model Number

2011 Series at a Glance

Series Name BX Series EX Series NX Series HX Series
Resolution 720p/1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p
Motionflow XR 60 Hz 60/120/240 Hz 240 Hz 480/960 Hz
Screen Sizes 22 - 46 32 - 60 46 - 60 46, 55
3D Ready ----- EX720 is 3D Yes Yes
Connectivity ----- Wi-Fi Ready
EX523 Wi-Fi Integrated
Wi-Fi Integrated Wi-Fi Integrated
Backlight Tech CCFL Edge-Lit LED Dynamic Edge LED Dynamic Edge LED
Intelligent Peak LED
Additional Features ----- Internet Video
X-Reality Engine
Internet Video
X-Reality Engine
Internet Video
X-Reality Pro Engine

Sony's Special Features

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The Sony 2011 HDTV Series in Depth


Sony BX Series

The BX Series of Sony HDTVs are the entry-level models offered, equipped with LCD displays and CCFL backlighting. The sets are pretty standard, mostly available with a 60 Hz refresh rate and 720p resolution, though there is a single 1080p model available.

Sony EX Series

The EX Series of Sony HDTVs are mainstream models aimed at the average consumer. The series is made up of LED-LCD sets with access to the Sony's Internet TV streaming service. The sets available are all 1080p resolution, though refresh rates fluctuate throughout the family with Sony Motion Flow starting at 60 Hz and going up to 240 Hz.

Sony NX Series

The 2011 NX series HDTVs from Sony are LED-LCD sets that offer 1080p playback as well as wireless connectivity. The tech specs on these models are impressive, exemplified by the edge-lit LED backlighting and 240 Hz refresh rate. The models also have access to Sony's Internet TV software, enabling content streaming among other goodies.

Sony HX Series

Sony's top of the line HX Series are a set of LED-LCD HDTVs that come with some high refresh rates and 3D capabilities. The models have a 1080p resolution and utilize edge-lit and full array LED backlights. The Face Detection and Presence Sensor Technology maximize energy savings. Internet connectivity is built into the sets, allowing access to Sony's Internet service, which allows streaming content such as Netflix, YouTube, and others.

Sony's Own Special Features

Motion Flow

Motion Flow is Sony's method of motion interpolation; generating individual frames to be inserted between existing ones, giving the appearance of an increased refresh rate.

  • 120 Hz: This is the slowest refresh rate that has the Motion Flow branding, refreshing the screen 120 times a second.
  • XR240: An upgraded form of Motion Flow technology that refreshes the screen at 120 Hz.
  • XR480: A combination of LED backlighting and high LCD frame-rates helps boost the refresh time of these sets to 240 Hz.
  • XR960: By combining a full-array LED backlit screen and a high LCD frame-rate yields a smoother picture, yet refresh rate is still pegged at 240 Hz.

Video Processing Chips

  • X-Reality Pro Engine: The X-Reality Pro Engine is software powered by a dual-core digital video processor that analyzes each scene in a HDvideo and optimizes the backlighting to suit it best.
  • X-Reality Engine: The X-Reality Engine is software powered by a digital video processor that analyzes each scene in a standard definition video and optimizes the backlighting to suit it best.
  • Bravia Engine 3: The Bravia Engine 3 is a digital video processor often found on some of Sony's older sets that optimizes screen contrast in individual scenes.

Local Dimming

  • Intelligent Peak LED: Intelligent Peak LED is a method of local dimming used on full-array sets in which individual blocks of pixels are dimmed or brightened in order to increase contrast and clarity of the picture.
  • Dynamic Edge LED: Dynamic Edge LED is a method of local dimming used in edge-lit LED-LCD sets to increase contrast and boost clarity.

Bravia Internet Video

Bravia Internet Video is Sony's personal take on Internet TV, giving the user the ability to stream content such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and Hulu Plus straight to their HDTV.

Presence Sensor with Face Detection

Sony's Presence Sensor is installed in an HDTV and detects where the viewer is in the room, turning the TV on, off, or in standby mode accordingly.

Branded Features

For an explanation of "branded" features and cross-TV comparison click here »

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