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2707 Storage in the market - we help you choose the best. Retrevo's storage reviews use algorithms that mine the collective reviews and prices of the entire web, so you can get the best storage. Reviews for our top-rated storage are below. You can also see reviews for LaCie, Fantom Drives, Buffalo, Apricorn, Seagate and more.
Reviews for this Buffalo storage (13 user reviews): "The customer service is exceptionally good...The cord is a little short, so I had to purchase an extender...Overall I say it was a great purchase especially when I picked it up for 50 dollars..."
Reviews for this Cavalry storage (29 user reviews): "Cheap (as in substandard quality), overheats due to minimal cooling, occasionally will just stop working until you put the on/off switch to good use, is aesthetically lacking in some aspects...as i stated in the pros, buy cheap get cheap...i've hears good things about western digital..."
Reviews for this LaCie storage (45 user reviews): "Aesthetically pleasing, good transfer speed, on/off switch A bit pricey for the storage I use this with my MacBook...Still works and at a good speed...Never had a problem recognizing with my laptop, did a quick reformat as soon as I plugged it in and it was good to go..."
Reviews for this Seagate storage (194 user reviews): "came with Usb3 cable Case looks good but made of cheap plastic...drive is already having problems being recognized by windows 7at start...One year warranty only! I registered the drive using the Seagate software included because I have a bad feeling for this one..."
Reviews for this Cirago storage (19 user reviews): "Lasted little over a year, then crapped out...Very quiet and stays cool! case seems abit flimsy Definitely a good drive, constructed very well...Didn't mark an egg down, because really it's trivial and the thing is amazing..."
Reviews for this Western Digital storage: "Read western digital wd 1600 consumer reviews. ... Western Digital My Passport Enterprise WDBHEZ5000ABK-NESN External ; 500GB (PY9841) USB 2.0 Hard Drive."
Reviews for this Cirago storage (6 user reviews): "It looks like my tower when it sits by it...Kinda large, has some heat issues which might be bad long term...Windows XP loaded the drivers and installed what was needed and ran very good..."
Reviews for this Seagate storage (155 user reviews): "worked well until it failed due to bad connection where cable plugs in case is REALLY cheap and the connection is secured by little more than 8 solder traces to circuit board...Been buying Seagate for many years and only one failure after years of use but the quality of case on this product is really, really bad...SEAGATE, why ruin an otherwise good product with a $.25 cable..."
Reviews for this Seagate storage (107 user reviews): "Going back and changing the options is also really easy for people who might not be the most tech savvy.) I would, without hesitation, recommend this as solid backup option for most people...For this price I have to assume it is a traditional HDD, which means despite it's portability is subject to the same restrictions as another traditional HDD, as opposed to a SSD, meaning that heat, magnetism, and dropping it, are extremely bad for it...I would easily recommend this drive to anyone for any reason that they might need the extra drive, and the price is hard to beat, especially for 1TB..."
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