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3142 Switches in the market - we help you choose the best. Retrevo's switch reviews use algorithms that mine the collective reviews and prices of the entire web, so you can get the best switch. Reviews for our top-rated switches are below. You can also see reviews for Cisco, HP, Netgear, Nortel, Juniper and more.
Reviews for this Netgear switch (11 user reviews): "For the price and the features it is a good deal...This switch works great I was looking for a good quality switch with snmp etc...None This switch works great I was looking for a good quality switch with snmp etc......"
Reviews for this Cisco switch (12 user reviews): "Runs fast, and 2 extra ports are great for uplinks or connecting another switch...The fans are a little loud, I would not recommend having this out near people...Great price, easy to connect obviously, web interface much improved over older models..."
Reviews for this Netgear switch (52 user reviews): "This switch is amazing it works for 54mps cable internet, so its good for me, runs xbox 360's without a hitch and never gets hot...Would not recommend using these switches on a network where streaming media is heavy, because they are only 10/100...Seems to be good quality built..."
Reviews for this Netgear switch (25 user reviews): "Reliable, excellent throughput The loudest thing in my home office In case the other reviews didn't spell it out...Not recommended for a home office where your room has other intended uses (guest room or whatever...I would Highly recommend this product! Like always, Netgear Never Fails! Does what it's supposed to do - I've been using it constantly for just about 2 years now with few problems..."
Reviews for this Cisco switch (19 user reviews): "24 Ports plus two specials Managed and web-based portal Easy to view 100/1000 led displays Quiet Multiuser admin support QoS/VoIP support None really, other then you better not forget your username and password...Not too bad, but louder than I would like...Is this another case of a really big technology company buying a smaller big one, slapping their name on every aspect of the product and pumping up their bottom line..."
Reviews for this Zyxel switch (28 user reviews): "Have put in 2 of those in our office and 4 in other offices - so far so good...Good value - especially with the promo codes...I thought they were a good deal for the price, but apparently you get what you pay for..."
Reviews for this Netgear switch (94 user reviews): "This is a good reliable piece of equipment...Don't know what others were saying about netgear only giving away coupons for rebates...they were giving away Visa Gift Cards) Overall, I am very happy with these switches...Good as gold so far! None *Seemingly low latency *Never has presented any issues *Never has had to be power cycled *Easy to set up and use None..."
Reviews for this Rosewill switch (55 user reviews): "Great Price Stopped working after just a few hours Easy setup, as expected from a good quality...Couldn't be happier about the choice of this switch, and would definitely recommend to anyone needing a good portable gigabit switch...The price is good, and the product is good..."
Reviews for this Netgear switch (27 user reviews): "Got this network switch cause I was running out of ports in my network this thing is still in use on the far end of my offices still works still fast no problems none Just plug in the ethernet patch cables, power it on, and it works very well...Good quality, reliable product at a great price! none...works as promised I liked the old style better, where the ports and indicator lights were on the front (rather than ports on back now) just made me have to re-route a bunch of stuff which was a pain...None The most cost effective solution I know of; has equaled or outperformed other brands I use..."
Reviews for this TRENDnet switch (16 user reviews): "I don't understand why it works as networking is not my forte, but my machines work just fine now and that's good enough for me...I guess you could get a bad power cord or something, but I find it hard to believe...is that you have to read the bad reviews..."
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