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Syswan Router Reviews

What is the best place to find all Syswan router reviews? Retrevo helps you find top-rated Syswan routers, by analyzing price, features and Syswan router reviews. Our goal is to find you the best bang for the buck Syswan router. Other top brands of routers are: Cisco, TP Link, ADTRAN, 3Com, Zyxel.
Reviews for this Syswan router (20 user reviews): "Stable router, good buy for the money...If you really know your way around routers, I guess this could be a good buy...Oh and if you do reboot the router mid day no one notices because it only takes about 8 seconds to come back online! These routers are highly recommended..."
Reviews for this Syswan router (9 user reviews): "If you need a good load balancer with many features for a small to medium size company at a reasonable price, the Syswan SW88 is a great pick...Pros - auto switches between 2 internet connections (it does not combine them...Rather than spending my life experimenting, I just enabled session persistency for all UDP and TCP ports and am having good results..."
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